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Airtel triple data tweak Get thrice of your data

Airtel triple data tweak get thrice of your data


Normally airtel offer some or most of there active costumers double data which we discuss on
how you can be eligible or activate the airtel double double data offer some weeks ago,

meanwhile there is also a way or I call trick or tweak which can make you get triple of your data too,
in such a way you get tree time of your purchased data or thrice your data

(e.g if you subscribe or go for 1.5GB subscription, your data will be 1.5GB, 1.5GB and another 1.5GB data) Has I said thrice isn’t that awesome?
You have answer to the question. 


Note:These bundle are not to be used with VPN 

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That is the bundle and the other data that will be granted to you are normal data plan or normal data offer.
which you don’t need any VPN to power is up or to make use of some settings in VPN to power up the bundle that was granted to you.

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And I can also assure you there is no any terms and conditions regarding these tweak.
just follow up and get your data triple (thrice) 


How to Activate Airtel triple data 

1: Buy and register new 4G Airtel SIM.

2:After that go to your message box and send GET to 141,
A congratulatory message will be sent to you,
Referring that you are eligible for the double data.

3: Recharge your line with N500 (your newly purchased sim),
and dial *141# to buy a data plan of N500.


Quick Notice For These Offer Airtel Triple Data

 Don’t  buy from “MY OFFER” rather buy from the normal or standard Airtel plans

Then You will first be given DOUBLE DATA but do not be panic,
just go straight and finish the data and the data bonuses that was granted. 


5: Finally Once the data has finished, just go straight and migrate to SMARTRYBE Tariff plan by dialing these code(*312#).

And Load N1000 buy data plan from their official plans and your data will triple sounds good?.
Use the comment box to answer the question.

Airtel triple data

They will continue to Grant you thrice of your data whenever you subscribe to any data plan
(N500 Data plan and above)

till the day the offer will be expired,
mostly the offer you to be valid for 3 or 6 months approximately (upwards)


incase it stopped,
You can buy new sim not more or less than N300 follow same step to activate it and continue flexing your data life goes on. 


The might look somehow difficult or expensive.
but mark words once you activate these on your line you won’t gather like to stop doing because mostly you will be loaded with data to surf and do other things online.. 


Have any questions regarding these posts? Yes we are to give fast response enjoy your Airtel triple data.. 

Trick Still Function? Airtel Triple Data Trick

Due to how things turn out for now these trick still partially works, but it better to stay on Airtel Smart Connect then migrating  Smart Tyre has said on these article.
So it Advisable to Stay on these plan that you are of found your self and try out these tweak if it works out for you thats.

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