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How to get Airtel 105GB in a month and 315GB in Three 3 months

Airtel 105GB and 315GB
Airtel 105GB and 315GB

Airtel 105GB and 315GB
Hello! Alitech humble viewers Airtel has landed with there great ways of suprising there customers again..

Not to talk much let go strength to the point..

Although these offer is still on testing mond by us, but am sure it working if you follow up in the rightful ways Let Go..  

Airtel 105GB and 315GB


▶ Firstly line must be a newly registered sim or existing sim that is not 3months old.   To confirme you are eligible for these Airtel offer on the line kindly send GET to 141 if you get congratulations message ur line is eligible good to go then..   ▶3G or 4G PLANS(Anyone of these two is preferable).

    All what you need to do is, Once you buy a plan and paid no need of paying for the next 3months You will continue getting the data every 24hrs for the next 3months .   Meaning in a month you can get Airtel 105GB in total and the 3months u get 315GB   Airtel Data Activation takes from 1-60mins maximum depending on orders in queue.  

Notice: This is not a cheat but a bonus trick which is legal. You have nothing to fear of data being wiped.

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Enjoy hope it work for you.. Stay tune for more related posts..


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Trick Still works? Airtel 105GB in a month and 315GB

quiet long now these has stop working so don’t bother to activate on follow the trick up it has stop work check our site for other browsing tips has stated on the site thanks

Posted was Updated on:16/12/2019

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