Google Phone app now has the features to auto record calls from unknown number


This feature was reported early January 2021 that Google is working on the phone app to support the automatic call recording features which is now officially out and currently rolling out to different android devices. 

It was recently spotted that the Google phone app can now automatically record calls from unknown numbers which was recently supported by the app and it was just the latest feature that it’s still rolling out to major user’s. 

This feature is said to be available for selected android phones that support the usage of the Google phone app, the features were spotted with a screenshots proof. 

Google phone app automatic call recording

Which the screenshot shows where you can enable the auto call recording feature has “Always recording” and it’s specifically for users who are eligible to make use of the Google phone app. 

The main purpose of this feature is to allow users to always record calls that came from an unknown number which is a number that is not saved on their device or does not exist on the Google phone app. 

As you can see, not all android phones are eligible to make use of the Google phone app for only a few android phones from brands like Google Pixel phones itself and Some xiaomi phone brands can make use of such apps. 

What also puts into consideration that it’s only countries that are eligible or allow to make use of the call recording features will have the right to make use of the automatic call recording. 

The features also allow users to disabled the auto call record features due to some term or policy that is attached to the call recording. 

Was stated that whenever the call is to be recorded you as the person that enables the features will be notified and the person that sends the call too will be notified that the call is being recorded. 

So if you don’t want such features on your Google phone app you can disabled it once you’ve gotten the features on your phone. 

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