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Best Way To Withdraw On Ember Fund Without Withdrawal Charges 

Ember Fund Withdrawal

It’s been brought to notice that some people are still facing difficulties with how they can withdraw their funds (Satoshi), the smallest part of Bitcoin, from the Ember fund. 

This is why we came up with this article on how you can withdraw Ember funds without any withdrawal charges or pay any Gas fee. 

The step we are about to share will help you withdraw your funds on Ember once you reach a minimum withdrawal of $5.

Before we proceed if you don’t know anything about Ember yet, we recommend you look into our review

That should help you understand how the platform operates and how you can make money from it online. 

You make money online on Ember funds through mining satoshi or the smallest part of bitcoin. 

To learn more about it in our review that speaks more on how Ember funds work. 

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Part of this article is to explain to you how you can withdraw without being charged for it. 

Requirements or Tool For Withdrawal 

These are tools you need to help you complete your withdrawal on Ember funds without being charged for it. 

Now proceed with the steps on how you can withdraw from the platform without being charged. 

How To Withdraw On Ember Fund Without Charges 

This is the best way to withdraw your funds from Ember after you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal of $5.

After Ember has open withdrawal toward the end of the month 26-29.

Withdrawal is stipulated to be made within the last two weeks of the month. 

How To Withdraw On Ember Fund Without Charges 
  • Open and log in to your Ember account. 
  • Click on the profile from the menu section. 
  • Select your balance or amount you’ve on Ember. 
  • Look at the top right corner of the page and you will see an icon. 
  • Click on it, and you will land on the withdrawal page. 
  • Two withdrawal options will be provided which are wBTC and Bitcoin itself. 
  • Select wBTC option and proceed to the next step. 

Which is to copy the address from the coinbase wallet. 

Copy ETH ethereum wallet from Coinbase Wallet

  • Open your coinbase wallet address, create an account, and import Wallet. 
  • If the app refuses to load, open any Free VPN and connect to any server. 
  • That will allow the coinbase wallet to load well without keeping loading. 
  • Proceed to select ETH Ethereum from the embedded crypto list. 
  • Click on receive and copy your wallet address from there. 
Copy ETH ethereum wallet from Coinbase Wallet

Paste The ETH address On the Ember Fund

Disconnect your VPN before you open Ember Fund back. 

Then paste the ETH wallet address into the space provided for it. 

That after you select the wBtC option which is the free payment method. 

Now we move to the next step after the wBTC has been deposited to your account with an extra Matic for the gas fee. 

This is why this withdrawal is free without any charges. 

Swap Your wBTC coin To Matic

After the money has been deposited to your Coinbase Wallet address. 

Still, remember to open coinbase with a VPN. 

  • Select the Swap button from the main menu when you get to Coinbase. 
  • Then you will select what you want to swap. 
  • Which is to swap wBTC to Matic from the option. 
  • Select the amount you want to swap. 
  • You can just click on Max from the option button. 
Swap Your wBTC coin To Matic

After that, you can now click on the swap button to get things done or find best price. 

After the swapping is completed what next is to deposit the matic to an exchange platform like Bybit or OKX exchange platform. 

Deposit Matic To OKX or Bybit

  • Download Bybit or OKX app, open an account, and log in. 
  • Verify your account with a valid ID before you proceed to copy your matic wallet. 
  • Go to your bybit or OKX account and select wallet or asset from the menu option. 
  • Now select the deposit and search for the coin you want to deposit which is matic. 
  • Select matic to deposit and select matic and network. 
  • After that you will be provided with your wallet address. 

Which is the wallet address you will use to withdraw from the coinbase wallet. 

Complete Withdraw Of Matic From Coinbase Wallet For Ember Fund Withdrawal

  • Click on Matic and select Withdraw on your coinbase wallet. 
  • Then provide the wallet address you copy from the exchange platform which is matic wallet address. 
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw which Max. 
  • Then complete withdrawal using the withdraw button. 

The withdrawal should be complete within a few minutes. 

Swap Matic For USDT On Exchange Platform For Ember Withdraw

  • After the fund has landed on the exchange platform Bybit or OKX wallet anyone you use. 
  • Now open your account on any exchange platform you use between the two we recommend. 
  • Select trade from the list of trade searches for Matic/USDT. 
  • Which is what you want to trade after you select it. 
  • Click on sell which you want to sell Matic For USDT. 
  • Select the amount you want to sell which is 100% you can select from the option. 

And sell it, after what next is it sell USDT for NGN for naira view P2P. 

Use Peer-to-peer P2P To Complete Your Ember Withdrawal For Naira

  • Log in to your account on any exchange platform you use to withdraw Bybit or OKX. 
  • On the main menu page select more or select P2P if you see from the option. 
  • You’ll be provided with two options either to buy usdt or sell usdt for naira. 
  • You will click on sell because you are selling your usdt for NGN which is naira. 
  • Then you’ll be provided with a list of buyers willing to buy the usdt you want to sell at some specific rate. 
  • What you should be after is the limit of usdt they can buy that is minimum. 
  • And also the amount of trade they have made is likewise their release time rate. 
  • You can now select the person you want to trade Your usdt with. 
  • You will now be asked to provide your local account number that the person Will deposit the money to. 
  • Once the person deposits the money to your account you will be asked to release the crypto at your end. 

That is just how to sell your usdt for Naira on various exchange platforms. 

Bottom Line

With the few steps we have provided on this page have you been able to withdraw your money from the Ember fund without any withdrawal charges? 

If so share the kind of experience you have or the kind of issue you might be facing when trying to withdraw using the steps that we have provided above. 

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