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Glo Opera Unlimited Free Browsing 2023 – Latest Glo Free Browsing

Glo opera unlimited free browsing

You can now browse unlimited with your glo line using the opera just like other network provider have share their own rate at which people can browse with their opera network or plan like that of mtn opera free browsing that we have been making use of since last year same applicable to glo but the glo opera is unlimited free browsing see how it’s works.

Glo official announcement that they have come in partnership with the company called opera to offer free browsing to its users which most glo customers were notified of and if you were not kindly go pick up your glo sim now so that you can enjoy this offer. 

How To Activate Glo Opera Unlimited Free Browsing 

Since it’s official and it was announced by glo there self and it’s not a free browsing cheat no hard or strict process attached to the glo opera free browsing. 

All you have to do is to have the operanews app on your phone and operamini on your phone which will enable you to browse unlimited with your glo line once you turn on your glo internet connection. 

Glo opera free browsing

Yes you might thought it’s not unlimited but we consider it’s unlimited opera free browsing because glo did not specify the amount of that you can use when using this offer. 

Unlike other network providers which specify the amount of data people can use daily which support the use of opera free browsing to power upto 50MB ONLY the same is applicable to Airtel opera free browsing. 

Can I use the opera free browsing to browse other apps? 

This answer to this question is no, for you can not use the opera unlimited free browsing to browse any other app on your phone except operanews app and opera mini app. 

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Glo opera

Does this work for IOS users? 

This offer originated to android users as of now which we don’t know if the offer will be available for iOS or iPhone users sooner or later. 

Can I Download With The Opera Free Browsing? 

Yes, it seems you can download with the glo free browsing offered by Opera, but it seems you can download or use upto 100GB on this free browsing by glo. Because we all know how poor the glo internet speed is in most areas in Nigeria. 

What is the validation date of the opera unlimited free browsing? 

There is no validation to this free browsing by glo because you can keep using it on a daily basis to browse anything you want on opera mini and opera news apps.

Are you satisfied with this glo free browsing offer? 

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