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Activation Mtn Unlimited Browsing Cheat On Opera Data Plan

opera data plan

Actually these opera mini plan has been available for quite long time now on mtn and airtel, which they offer some little or small plan to people that will like to make use of there app, I mean the plan can only be used on app produce by opera company app like opera mini, opera news, opay and olist app. which when you purchase the plan you will be able to browse with the app only but we have find a way to browse with these plan and not to browse with it only but browse with it in an unlimited ways (Mtn unlimited browsing )

Although before we make post on these articles – Mtn unlimited browsing cheat we have made some
review on it and test it so we can truthfully tell you that it quietly works well, just try to follow up the steps to activate it well. 

Requirements For The Mtn Unlimited Browsing Cheat On Opera Plan

  • ₦100 airtime Balance For the plan activation.  
  • A VPN app is Needed (Samsung Max VPN Recommend) an. 
  • The VPN app premium access Get The App here. 
  • An Mtn sim network whether old or new, it doesn’t matter. 
  • 3G or 4G network recommend.
  • That’s All. 

After you have gotten the requirements let get to know how you can activate these cheats or get the cheat for you. 

How To Activate Mtn Unlimited Cheat For Opera Plan

  1. After downloading the Vpn app install it on your phone.
  2. If you don’t have it yet Get one here or visit play store to get suitable one for your device.
  3. Now Subscribe to the plan By dialing *131*3# yes referring to the opera plan.
  4. Download, install and open the VPN Samsung Max VPN.
  5. Get the premium access as stated above.
  6. They get these settings done on the VPN.
  7. Tick on Mobile data Server and privacy protection option then connecte.
  8. Now start browsing unlimitedly with your opera plan. 

Note: Make sure you get the VPN premium access so that you can browse unlimitedly, And the plan validity is just A month so if the plan expired  you have to renewed it to get your unlimited browsing working back. 

These cheats work for any device to know how to share your data plan with PC or how to make use of it view VPN click here. 

These cheats have been tested as said earlier just follow the steps well get the requirements and start browsing, streaming and surfing the internet as you like. 

Note:this cheat works perfectly at the time of first publication. It could still be working or not at this time, check it out and reply to us via the comments section. We will really appreciate if you can do that. 

Thank you, 

Does it work for you or not? 
What do you think about the tweak? 

Give us an answer via the comments section below. It means a lot to us. 

Try to keep supporting us and share with others, also try to join our telegram here channel for more related post enjoy. 

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