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How To Get 5GB Glo Free Data And 700% Airtime Bonus On Glo Berekete

Glo berekete

Glo recently introduced a new tariff plan which will favour almost all Glo subscribers known as Glo berekete tariff plan or simply plan this tariff plan as an alternative plan to the well known Glo plan which is known as glo yakata or glo new yakata.

Since this recent tariff plan has been introduced most people are making comparisons on the old plan as new one unlike glo brekete vs glo yakata which most glo subscribers like to know the comparison about these two plans.


But that’s not the aim of this article. The direct aim of creating this article is to know about the great offer that is attached to the glo berekete plan. Let’s check it out.

Glo Brekete Bonus Rate Full List

  • The bonus rate of glo berekete implies the amount of data or airtime the customer recharge on their line but.
  • They said to give 700% airtime and data bonus to all their existing and new customers and some other bonus like.
  • Free data of 5GB which will be granted every month for a good four-month that’s for new subscribers.
  • Increment in data purchase in which additional data will be added to any Glo data plan you purchase through the glo brekete plan.
  • They are specified that customers on glo brekete tariff plan will get additional 25% bonus of airtime and data.
  • And some other welcome bonus to new subscribers of the glo brekete tariff plan.

According To Glo

Glo Berekete Bonus only for you!

Want to find your first Berekete? Activate your Glo sim.

Available to New and Existing Glo Users.#GloBerekete #SafetyForAll

— Glo Nigeria (@GloWorld) September 16, 2020

Which seems to already explain all to you. 100% data on data purchase, N600 bonus on the first activation of the plan and 700% bonus on any airtime purchase let’s proceed.


How To Activate The Glo Berekete Tarrif Plan

  1. Activation of the tariff plan entails all which after activation you gotten the glo berekete call rate
    at 33k/s call rate on the main balance.
  2. And also you get glo berekete 77k/s on the brekete bonus rate and the glo berekete bonus code is simply
    attached to the migration or activation of the tariff plan.
  3. Dial the following code to migrate to the glo berekete tariff plan.
  4. *230# that’s for old glo customers and new subscribers can tell their activator the plan should be on
    Glo berekete.

glo berekete

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Glo Berekete Data Plan And Airtime Plan

  • As explained earlier you get 700% data and airtime bonus on airtime purchase process.
  • And also you will get a 100% data plan bonus offer on purchase on any data plan view and also 25% airtime.
  • Lastly you get N600 one time off airtime bonus that can be used to browse the internet and call.
  • N400 to make calls and N200 to browse the internet respectively and separately.


That all about glo berekete data plan and airtime plan which can be activated by following the above process.

How To Check Glo Berekete Data And Airtime Bonus

  1. After the activation of the berekete tariff plan you can check the glo brekete airtime or data bonus.
  2. Dial the following code to get all info about the glo brekete plan
  3. *230*1# and you will get all information about the berekete bonus and data offer.


Can Glo Yakata Subscribe Enjoy The Glo Brekete offer?


This answer is strictly No, the only thing that can make glo yakata tariffs plan subscribers or old glo users enjoy
the glo berekete bonus is to.


Simply migrate to the brekete tariff plan by using the following code stated above on the activation process.


And once you purchase data plan or buy and load and airtime on your glo line view the plan you will be granted
the glo berekete bonus airtime and data respectively.

Glo Brekete Vs Glo Yakata


To our own comparison and observation glo berekete has more offer and bonus attached to the plan in
comparison to the two plan berekete and yakata.


Glo yakata seems to be two types which they do and offer different things so don’t get Confused when you see
glo new yakata and glo yakata or simply yakata these are two different things that are to be put into consideration.


I think that all we can say about the comparison of these two tariff plans is that globalcom insists that you can
also go ahead and make your own comparison or get more info online.


On the two data plans so that you can know which one to go for most.


We would love to hear from you about this two data plan. To help people pick and make their best choice before
they should migrate to any of this plan or tariff plan.


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