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How To Get Glo 3GB For N500 – Glo Weekend Plan 2023

Glo recently announced that they will add some increment to their old data plan and still after they took that decision they still claim to be the best network provider that offers a cheap and affordable data plan to their customers. Anything decision they take we will still find a way to bring and let you know about the best data plan so far. We’ve just noticed that you can now get 3GB for N500 that tends to be a Glo weekend Data plan or Glo weekend plan 2023.

The Weeknd plan as the name implies can be activate on the day before the Weeknd day come, that is the data can be activate on Friday and gain into usage from Saturday to Sunday that all subscribers of this plan can use it from 5am on Saturday interval if Sunday and the plan will expire on Monday 12am it’s seems to be the best weekend data plan so far. 

And this is simply a data plan that is available to all customers. It’s not a free browsing cheat or free browsing trick it’s simply a data plan which is a weekend data plan that globalcom offers to its customers at an affordable and cheap rate. 

How To Activate Glo 3GB For 500 (Glo weekend Plan 2023)

  1. No big deal to activate the glo weekend plan. 
  2. You just have to dial the glo subscription code. 
  3. Dial *777# and select a data plan. 
  4. Then go for the option weekend data plan or weekend plan. 
  5. Then select your respective plan which is glo 3GB for N500.Glo 3GB for N500 weekend pla

What Is The Expiry Date Of The  Glo Weekend Plan 2023?

We choose to raise this question again because most people don’t read articles from being. 

So we will explain to you all again so that we don’t get our inbox field up with messages. 

 The  glo 3GB for N500 weekend plan approximately is valid for 2 – 3 days. 

When you do the subscription on Friday usage starts on Saturday 5am and on Monday 12am. 

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How Can I Be Eligible for the Glo Weekend Plan? 

There is no restriction for the data plan is available for all glo customers that wish to subscribe to the plan and its not an offer it’s strictly a data plan as we said earlier. 

So feel free to purchase the plan at your own comfortable time and can be used to browse as you like. 

No VPN needs to power up the data before it will start working . It’s a data Plan that can be used to download and stream online. 

I hope you all get this right? 

What are your thoughts about this data plan? 

Let’s hear from you. It’s affordable or not? 

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