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How To Activate Glo 1 Terabyte (1024GB) In 2023

Glo 1 terabyte

Glo seems to still be the grand master of data in Nigeria which they call their self but seems other network providers have been finding ways to take the lead out of the cheapest and most affordable data plan. We like to bring to your notice the glo 1 terabyte plan which is approximately 1024GB data plan strictly for glo users.

To our calculations and observation, there have been a lot of people in Nigeria and other African countries data consuming huge amounts of data on a daily basis which makes us bring about this article on how you can activate the glo 1 terabyte data plan or subscription process to the glo 1 terabyte data plan.

You will need some requirements before this data deal can be done for you.

Requirements To Subscribe To Glo 1 terabyte Data Plan

  • A valid glo 3G or 4G sim will be needed (4G sim attached with 4G device recommended).
  • If possible get a router so as to get a fast internet speed.
  • Glo Airtime Worth of 100,000 will be needed for activation.
  • Internet browsers if possible and data plan.

That’s all about that once you’ve gotten the requirements to go straight and follow the steps below to get your glo 1 terabyte plan activated or the subscription process to the data plan.

How To Activate Glo 1 Terabyte 2023

  1. To activate the Glo 1 terabyte Mega data offer dial the code.
  2. *777# then selecte mega data offer.
  3. because the glo one terabyte is mega data.
  4. Make sure the airtime is available on your line before you proceed to the subscription process.
  5. After that select the 1024GB data plan.
  6. And select not to auto-renew the plan if possible.

There is still another method to get the plan on your line if you don’t want this plan for yourself.

Glo 1 terabyte

How To Subscribe To Glo 1 Terabyte Data Plan

As we said in the requirements section you should have a data subscription on your line to get this done so follow the procedure below to check it out.

  1. Download The Glo Cafe app on your mobile.
  2. Install it and use your line to log in to the app.
  3. Play around with the app and find the section that leads to the mega data plan
  4. After that, subscribe to the glo 1 terabyte or glo 1024GB option.
  5. And Boom you are good to go once you have the respective amount on your line.
  6. The option to activate the 1 terabyte mega data plan option is also available on the glo official website.

Globalcom still seems to be the grand master of data to us.

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Things To Put Into Consideration About The Glo 1024GB Data Plan

  • The data plan ( Glo 1 terabyte, Gl0 1024GB data) is valid for A year.
  • Money or Glo Airtime worth N100,000 is needed to get the subscription done.
  • Since it’s valid for 1 year this is what you need to put into consideration and think about how much data you make use of daily.
  • You approximate and calculate the amount of data you used monthly and times it per year 12 months to know if you should go for the 1 terabyte plan.
  • It might look as if the data plan is expensive to you due to the price, but it’s not when you calculate the amount of data you made use of monthly by 1 year and 12 months.
  • If you make use of data at least 90 to 100 GB monthly it’s strictly recommended you go for the glo 1 terabyte mega data plan.
  • Likely 50GB monthly should also go for the plan. It seems to cheat due to our calculations.
  • You can actually pair up with your trusted friends to get the data deal done for once.
  • Once it has been activated you can actually share the plan with others learn how to share a glo data plan from here.
What did you think about this plan?

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