Zenith bank 100% Airtime Bonus How To Get 1000 Free Airtime More

zenith bank 100% Airtime Bonus

Zenith bank our well know bank just introduced 100% airtime bonus to there humble customers which seems valid to all users who is making use of a zenith bank account yea it’s cool by following some procedures you will be able to get 1000 extra free airtime when you purchase airtime worth of N1000 from your zenith bank account with the steps we are about to state below. 


This zenith bank 100% was introduced three days ago on zenith bank official Twitter page they still tweet about the 100% bonus which was as of yesterday informing their customers about the bonus offer still let’s check it out below. 


According to zenith bank on their twitter page

As you can see above now the bonus is still on till August 28 2020  henceforth which some terms and conditions apply to the process in getting the 100% bonus let treat about it. 


How To Get Zenith Bank 100% Airtime Bonus 

  • The zenith 100% Airtime bonus is eligible to all zenith customers who are banking with them.
  • And the airtime bonus can only be activated on Wednesday and Friday.
  • For first people who make use of the zenith Eazybanking code *966#
  • And 1000 worth of airtime must be recharge with the code to get the zenith bank 100% Airtime Bonus

How To Activate The Zenith Bank 100% Airtime Bonus 


  1. Make sure you have money asin funds up to 1000 or more on your zenith bank account.
  2. On Wednesday or Friday Very early go straight to recharge your line or sim with the following code.
    zenith bank 100% Airtime Bonus On Eazybanking
  3. Dial *966# then switch to airtime option make sure you have a zenith bank account if you don’t have an open account.
  4. Then select option either for self or other, self implies on the main number you register your zenith bank with.
    zenith bank 100%
  5. And other means you’re another line which you will like to load and get the 100% airtime on.
  6. You can proceed to choose any one the input amount 1000  if you choose self and number the amount if you choose another.
  7. Then input your pin which implies the pin you always use to operate your Atm.
  8. Now proceed to purchase the airtime, once the transactions are successful you will get 100% Airtime as shown below :

When you load 1000 you get 2000 and when you load 2000 airtime you get 4000, 4000 give you 8000 yea as we said it’s 100% airtime bonus from zenith bank when you load airtime view the zenith bank Eazybanking code. 


What are you waiting for? Let’s get the vibe going from Wednesday and Friday till August 28, 2020.


Have you got your own zenith bank 100% airtime bonus? 


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