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buycoins Africa

The world of cryptocurrency is going wider everyday so most platforms like buycoins Africa find a way for we Africans to be able to trade our cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.)  Online easily both in the buying and selling of any form of cryptocurrency with our local bank account and with the use of any credit or debit card. 


Actually buycoins Africa or buycoins.Africa as been into existence since 2019 which they newly launched a promo known as referral system in a situation whereby you refer someone to register under your link and the user should make transactions on buycoins view peer-to-peer option which is quite easy and straightforward we will
explain all on this article before that let know what buycoins Africa or buycoins.Africa is all about. 


What is buycoins Africa? 


Buycoins Africa or buycoins.Africa is a cryptocurrency trading platform which was launch for Africa’s to trade any form of cryptocurrency online (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin)  it’s more or less like blockchain or trust wallet where we save our cryptocurrency on whenever we what to buy or sell our cryptocurrency after you successfully open a buycoins account and singing to your account view the mobile app you will be provided with your personal cryptocurrency wallet. 


This platform buycoins also allow all Africa to buy coin view their local bank which was a link to the buycoins
account for clear verification when registering or after you sign-up to the platform, Either you are from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya or any Africa country you will be able to buy and sell likewise trade your coin or
cryptocurrency in any ways you can actually buycoins really make stuff eassy for us Africa’s. 

buycoins Africa earning

According to Nigeria currency when you deposit fund to your buycoins account view the account provided when
you finish linking your own personal local account the currency is known as NGNT which is being calculated in
form of Nigeria coin we actually don’t have an idea for other Africa countries but stuff seems to be easy when
you use the platform to trade your coin. 


The platform what to make their company bigger so they decide to launch a limited-service promo that we are going to discuss about too how you can get and redeem the 1,000 worth of bitcoin when you refer someone to buycoins Africa. 


How To Join And Register On Buycoins Africa 


  1. Click here to switch to the buycoins signup page.
  2. Feel in the appropriate information which ranges your: Email
    buycoins Africa registration
  3. Note: Make sure you follow the link above so that you can earn rewards of 1000 when you make your first trade on the platform as shown below. 
    buycoins Africa referral bonus
  4. If you are asked about your Refer by someone then click the link where you saw the question and input “Alitec” as your referral name.
    buycoins Africa referral code
  5. After that proceed to the next place to set your username and password.
  6. Confirm your account and view your mail.
    buycoins Africa email confirmation
  7. After successful registration, we recommend you log in to your account and view the app for an easy transaction process. 


Now you have gotten a buycoins account what else now is to link your bank account and BVN bank verification
number so that your KYC can increase to level 2 which recommends your BVN is safe on the platform we link our
account now and make our first trade on buycoins Africa worth of N500 coin either bitcoin or ethereum anyone
you feel like trading with just makes sure it’s worth N500 so that you can get your free 1000 coin to send your
account that can be withdrawn to your main linked local account. 


How To Link Your Local Bank Account To Buycoins Africa 


  1. Download buycoins Africa from the play store by using the below button. 
    DOWNLOAD BUYCOINS AFRICA APPbuycoins Africa app download from play store
  2. Open the app and sigin with your email and password that was created in the registration process earlier.
  3. Once you gain access to the account you will be asked to link your local bank account with the buycoins Africa account.
  4. The option will Come in the form of a pop-out window going and input your bank account and bank name you wish to use for transactions.
  5. After that slide to the other page to input your BVN too.
  6. It will confirm an OTP code being sent to the number you link with your BVN.
  7. Go ahead and confirm so that your account level can be on kyc of level two so that you can make high transactions on your buycoins account.
  8. In case you don’t have bvn or you don’t want or feel like linking your bvn with the account you can still ignore but it’s recommended you should link it with your account. 


After that what next is to make your first trade on buycoins so that we can get our free 1000 worth of any coin and start referring others too to earn extra 1000 that can be withdrawn to your bank account too if you feel like. 


How To Trade On Buycoins Africa 


  • Your dashboard or options menu bar you will see options for trade there which involve both buying and selling of coins and view buycoins Africa.
  • We are to buy before we can sell so we place others by buying first it’s called the placement of ads.
  • Click on the options menu bar then select the option for Post a Trade Ad.
  • you will be provided with a page as shown below, go ahead and select the option for Dynamic Price.
  • Then input 500 in the price bar as shown below then click on Review detail.
  • After that click, the button Post Buy Trade Ad.
  • Once you place the ads you will be notified that your trade the following coin as it has been placed.

  • Remember is our first transaction so it has to be N500 worth of bitcoin input and process to buy.
  • Once you place it you will be asked to deposit to your buycoins account which the account created for you mine was shown below:
  • Account name: Lekan ismail 
  • Bank name: provides bank.

  • To see details of your trade and where to deposit the fund to switch to the options menu bar.
  • Click on My trade Activity, you will find the recent trade ad you just place make sure is 500 cause the price might change itself some times.
  • Now click on it then click on the button then you will be provided with your Buycoin bank account that you will be using for the transaction on the platform.
  • Go ahead and deposit through transfer from your local account you link to the buycoins account.
    buycoins Africa trade
  • After that automatically the amount of coin you trade that is 500 coins you wish to buy will be deducted from your buycoins Naira account or NGNT account. 

From that process, you have successfully made your first trade on buycoins Africa. What else is to sit back and wait for your  N1000 Free worth of coin which will be redeemed automatically to your account at any time. 


What else is to get your own referral link if you feel like referring anybody to the platform and earn from that too. 


How To Get My Referral Link From Buycoins Africa 


  • On your buycoins dashboard when you sign-in to your account.
  • Scroll down and you will find the promo button both and on the buy and sell tap.
  • Click on the and scroll down below to copy your referral link.
  • Your referral name is the name you see at the of your buycoins Africa referral link.
  • From there proceed to share it with your friends. 

Remember that the N500 you trade is still in your account but just that you use it to buy bitcoin and you can still trade it to naira back if you feel like withdrawing it all will be stated in your account. 


Is Buycoins Africa a Legit Or Scam platform? 

The answer to this question is no because this platform has been operating for quite long now and there are no negative reviews about them according to our review so feel free to make any transactions on the platform buycoins Africa. 


Yea,  I hope have provided you guys all you need to know about buycoins Africa? 


If so, say your mine and what you think. I don’t make mention of the comment section and also join us on telegram or any of our social media platforms that is Comfortable for you so that you can get a fast update on any of our latest posts. All buttons to join are stated below. 


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