How get Airtel 9GB for N2000 Airtel double Data.

Airtel double Data


Although it has been long since we have airtel double or triple data offer, but it seems to be limited
(The offer last for some airtel customers No less then three to 6 months ).
Has I myself make research which lead me to the way that
these is a new way of doubling and getting triple data from Airtel network services provider has listed below.


9GB for N2000
6GB for N1500
4GB for N1200
3GB for N1000.

According to Airtel these data offer was called and unbeatable data deal stated below :

Enjoy the New Unbeatable Data Deal  Airtel

double Data
9GB for N2000
6GB for

4GB for N1200
3GB for N1000.
To enjoy this amazing offer, just dial *144#.


So not to talk much, These offer really works for most airtel costumers so no need to panic if you will be eligible or not.

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How Can I Get the data Activated? Airtel double Data

No hard thing to do there all you have to do is to go straight to your phone and dial or hit the follow code to see the option *144# and you will get to see the options has shown below Screenshots.

Data Validation for Airtel double Data

Most of the plan are valid for A month has you can see in the Ss Above except the of 1GB for 200 And 2 or 1.5GB for 500 daily / days data offer.

Yea get to it, actually is a way of saving money for too much of subscription these post / Article was created in absence of no cheat or any trick of getting free data for now so stay tune, come back for more updates has we are leading to the month of free browsing tips enjoy thank Always drop a comment pls…


These Offer Still Available Airtel Double Data Plan

The answer turn out to be No,
Since every good stuff has limit or let just say every great offer from any network providers in Nigeria has limit, So these offer is no more available but still availaible in the other ways.
Other ways in which if you purchase new airtel sim and subscribe to any of there data plan,
Your data will be double so you can either abandon your old sim and go for new one it option is your .

So, if you have any comments about the credibility of this amazing offer, do well to let us know in the comment section as well as other things you might want to communicate to us.

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