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Latest Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing On Psiphon Pro VPN 20/21

Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing On Psiphon Pro VPN

Seems this VPN will favor everyone to browse for another free browsing cheat as just been discovered which is airtel 0.0k free browsing on Psiphon pro VPN that seems to be unlimited let’s get to know how to set it up. 


We recently made some posts on the Glo Wtf bundle which you can use the same Psiphon pro VPN to power the glo social bundle called Wtf and also mtn 0.0k free browsing using Psiphon pro VPN too which make you to browse unlimitedly using the same VPN now is airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing. 


Requirements For The Airtel 0.0K Psiphon Pro VPN Free Browsing 

  • Airtel Sim without any data or airtel.
  • The sim should be Airtel 0.0k
  • Download Psiphon Pro VPN on your android or iOS devices.
  • Android users should download here and.
  • IOS or iPhone users should download here.
  • That’s all. 

How To Set Up The Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing For Psiphon Pro VPN 

  1. Once you don’t the VPN on your device either iPhone or android.
  2. Make sure you don’t have any airtime or data on your airtel line.
  3. Airtel 0.0k, now open the VPN.
  4. Then turn on your data connection and go back to the VPN.
  5. Then hit the start button. Once the VPN captured your data network.
    Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing On Psiphon Pro VPN 2020
  6. It will connect straight forward.
    Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing On Psiphon Pro VPN 2021
  7. You can now start browsing using the airtel 0.0k free browsing. 


The free browsing as no limit seems to be unlimited and to enjoy more speed via the VPN you can buy a premium Psiphon which will increase your browsing speed and get more access to fast internet speed. 


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Things To Note

  • Mtn 0.0k free browsing seems to work with 4G phone and 4G mtn sim only.
  • But this airtel works with any phone and network.
  • This Airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing work will 3G phone and 3G network.
  • It works faster on 4G phones and 4G airtel networks.
  • No browsing or data caps captured yet. 

To know how you can share your VPN Internet browsing view hotspot you can watch the video below. 


How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot On Any Device 


How Many gigs have you made use of so? 


Let us know by viewing the comments section and joining our telegram channel for more updates. 

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