Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat On NapsternetV VPN

Airtel 0.0k free browsing cheat on NapsternetV VPN

This airtel 0.0k free browsing cheat is the latest one that works with the NapsternetV VPN which is somehow related to the mtn 0.0k free browsing that we all know about and it works for most users that they have been enjoying for quite a long time.


Actually this free browsing cheat has been available for quite a long period seems discovered towards last month but we wish to share it with our humble users so as to get interest in making use of such airtel 0.0k free browsing that can be used to browse on a daily basis.


Just like mtn let’s check the requirements for this airtel too.



Requirements For The Airtel 0.0K Free Browsing Cheat

  • An Airtel Line with 0.0k airtime and no data will be needed.
  • VPN called NapsternetV VPN will also be needed that can be downloaded from here.
  • Download the VPN configuration file from here and lastly.
  • The configuration file will expire every four days visit this same article for latest airtel 0.0k free browsing NapsternetV VPN config file
  • The guide to unlock the configuration file which can be downloaded here in the . txt file.

After you have gotten the whole requirements you can now go ahead and follow the procedures to make the airtel 0.0k free browsing work for you.



How To Activate The Airtel 0.0K Free Browsing On NapsternetV VPN

  1. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the VPN, open it then minimize it.
  2. Go Ahead and locate the configuration file you download using the above link.
  3. Try to use file explorer or file manager like es file explorer to rename the config file.
  4. Cancel the dot txt (.txt) extension that will be found when you try to rename the config file and save it.
  5. Which configuration file should now look like NapsternetV VPN config file once you save it.
  6. Now go back to the VPN and click on the plus sign ➕ that is located at the top right Corner of the app. Airtel 0.0k free browsing cheat
  7. Click on import config file and locate the config file your just rename now.
  8. If it’s a request for a password , use the guide you download above to get the password.
  9. Provide it and save to make the configuration file import successfully.
  10. Now find the play button located below the VPN ▶️ select the config file and hit the play button.
  11. But before you do that make sure you have turned on your phone data connection with zero data and zero airtime on the airtel sim.
  12. Hit the play button to Connect and switch to the stat section on the VPN menu bar.
  13. Once you get to the stat section and you find it reading in both the receiving and sending section that entails the VPN is connected and can be browsed with.
  14. But if it does not read means it’s connected but won’t browse all you have to do is to turn off the VPN, turn off your data connection and turn on your airplane mode.

Turn it on back and then connect back to the VPN to make it work for you and make sure you have disabled battery optimization for the VPN that can be done on your phone app settings.


Note: this airtel 0.0k free browsing is data caps of just 30MB unlike mtn that is 100MB which can be made use of on a daily basis to gain access to Internet for free view with the help of the VPN NapsternetV VPN.


Hope it’s work for you? Let us know below and join our telegram channel for fast updates.


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