How To Browse With Airtel 100MB Daily Using Toco VPN

mtn 500mb

Recently mtn 500mB daily was release using same VPN toco vpn now it’s airtel 100MB that you can use daily with this toco tunnel VPN and get to use airtel free browsing which is latest airtel 0.0K that you will like to use. 

You might be thinking that the data is too small or you can’t use the airtel 100MB to even download but it will cover some rate of data that you will use to browse on your phone so read this article to the end so you have to know how it will work. 

Require For The Airtel 100MB Daily 

  • Download toco VPN from here or play store. 
  • After that make sure you have data like 10MB that you can use to update tweaks on the VPN. 
  • After that get an airtel sim without data or airtime. 
  • Then follow the steps below to get everything done. 

How To Activate Airtel 100MB Daily On Toco VPN

  1. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the VPN to update the tweak. 
  2. Find the menu button click on it and find the update tweak button click on it. 
  3. Once the tweak is updated now slide to the VPN main menu. 
  4. On the server option click or select the server that was tag with a name airtel 100MB daily. 
  5. Back to the tweak option find the tweak select airtel 100MB daily. 
  6. Next is to click on the connect button and turn on your airtel data connection before you do that. 
  7. After it connects you have a limit of just 100MB to browse with and wait for the next day before you can browse with another or browse again with airtel 100MB.

That’s why it tag airtel 100MB daily so that you can make use of the data for just a day in a prepetive way. 

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mtn 500mb

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