Xbox Series S Cost $299 That was Being Announced By Microsoft Review Spec

Xbox series s

It was recently reported on Twitter that Microsoft announced the price of a series of Xbox which is Xbox Series S that is said to cost a dollar amount of $299. The xbox which is said by Microsoft doing the announcement is going to be the next generation xbox with a smaller size compared to the old version of the series xbox.


As announced that a xbox series console will be launched with a flagship Series of the xbox that is said to later this year which conclusion is not yet made on the date of launch but some prescription has been made that such Xbox will be small and compatible to the old version of the xbox series. 

Xbox Series S View

Xbox series s

The recently announced xbox is said to be one of the cheapest xbox so far which will cost $299 in dollar currency and approximately 110,000 plus in Nigeria currency Naira. 


Briefly on the xbox social media page as bring into consideration that the Next generation xbox will not come with a disc driver rather support a USB drive and also allow digital download on it with some 3.5mM Headphone which contains some USB ports and also contain a black flash disc that can be found on the top panel of the xbox that is said to act as a ven for the xbox system. 

Xbox Series X

Xbox series x

According to the report it was also being announced that Microsoft will launch xbox series x alongside all xbox financials that will be operating globally and at an affordable price of just $25 which will encourage a lot of people or customers to purchase such devices without any stress or high price worldwide. 

Xbox series partnered

The xbox series is also said to be powered with 4TF RDNA2 CPU and also will continue to support 1080p Full HD quality compared to the previous versions of the xbox in quality. Which is said to have other features like fasting resuming,  Ray racing and other related features moreover it’s support NVME drivers that will make it to come with some great features. 


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