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WhatsApp Update: IOS Users Can Now Transfer WhatsApp Data To Android


It was just brought to our notice that iOS users can now transfer their WhatsApp data to android devices which is something you should know about as one of the WhatsApp important updates the situation is vice versa which will also allow android users to perform the WhatsApp data migration to iOS. Read to the end to know how this works or how this will work. 

One of the top Twitter influencers just brought this to notice just to notify it’s followers so we choose to bring the update to you guys try to read this article to the end so that you can know where this WhatsApp latest features lead to. 

According to the follow About The WhatsApp Latest Features 

it’s was said that WhatsApp are still testing the data migration features from the different devices either from iOS to android or from android to iOS which ways and it has not been out officially it’s still under test. But it will be best featured for those that will like to switch from android to iOS or vice versa. 

This opens ways to most iOS users which will be able to transfer their WhatsApp data to android devices if they find the process using the WhatsApp back-up difficult whenever they want to move to an android device back. 

It was said before that the data migration process is done before by using a software named Dr.fone to migrate there WhatsApp data from iOS to android which will require some master knowledge and some process before you can be able to carry out the operation using this software. 

In consider which entails premium purchase on most whatsapp data migration software that are being used on most PC or computer, in a not shel this process to carry out this are available to use third-party software using your computer and you have to pay to get such services. 

Once WhatsApp officially releases this feature to all devices you won’t have to pay any third-party software again before you can performan your WhatsApp data migration again. 

This latest WhatsApp update will serve as a very good update for most iOS users who would like to switch their device back to android and like to get their WhatsApp data back in return. 

We should be expecting this feature very soon for their competitor telegram is also about to release a feature which might drag most WhatsApp users to telegram. It will strictly make WhatsApp act fast about this latest feature. 

What’s your thoughts about this WhatsApp latest update? 


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