Teaching Feeling Apk v2.5.2 Mod Latest Version Download

Teaching Feeling apk

Won’t it be fun to have a girl that’ll do whatever you say? We bring to you Teaching Feeling v2.5.2 mod apk latest version, an 18+ game that provides you with a girl that’ll do whatever you want.

The game was originally developed for pc by a young developer, but with the help of some emulators, the game has Been successfully ported to android devices. No publisher has copyrighted the game so it’s not available on any game or app store. You can only find free versions on sites like ours here.


Teaching Feeling, Before starting out with this game, let it be known that the game contains some 18+ contents, so ensure that you’re of the appropriate age to play the game.

You started out as a doctor in a small town, very committed to work and hardly focus on anything else until one day, a man appeared at your home along with a young girl. He came to appreciate the fact that you cured him and save his life, so as a way of paying back he came to give you the young girl. The young girl’s name is Sylvie and from her appearance, she must have gone through a lot in the past.

Now, you’ll be provided with three options throughout the game. that is, you can chat with Sylvie, pat her hair, or touch. These three options come with different impacts at different times so you should know when and where to perform each Teaching Feeling 2.5.2.

Starting out, the pat option doesn’t have much effect, but with time Sylvie begins to see it as a sign of affection.

The moment Sylvie begins to live with you she began to fall sick, you’ll be required to take care of her throughout the sickness and ensure she gets back to shape.


Here is a tip you’ll surely need in this game. During the first 15 days of Sylvie being sick, make sure never to use the touch button. Touching her at this period will cause her to think you have some bad intentions and this will also affect her health and even cause her to die.

Teaching Feeling Graphic review

Teaching Feeling apk download
Teaching Feeling apk mod 2.5.2 download
Teaching Feeling

How to install teaching feeling v2.5.2

Follow the steps below to successfully install and play the game

Download the app Teaching Feeling from the link provided below

Ensure that have enabled installing from unknown source(to enable goto settings > security > and enable unknown source

Install the downloaded apk and enjoy.

Download links

Download Teaching Feeling from any of the links provided below.

Additional information
Game name Teaching Feeling modded apk
Game size753MB
Game versionV2.5.2
Supported deviceAndroid v4.4

Download Here

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