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Activate Glo 2GB For N500 And Glo 7GB For N1500 On Glo Special Data Offer

Glo special data offer

Glo still claim to be the grand master of data but seems most of their customers lose hope on that, which makes them to bring about another great data offer which is the glo special data offer with this data offer you can get glo 2GB for 500 and also glo 7GB for 1500 which seem to be cheap data plan.


This offer is called glo special data plan as it implies to be a special data offer from glo which you can get at an affordable rate 2GB for N500 and 7GB for N1500 let’s check it out. 

According To Globacom

How To Activate Glo Special Data Offer 2GB For N500

  1. The same code used to subscribe to normal glo plan can be used to get this data activated. 
  2. Dial the code *777# the slide to the option Buy data plan. 
  3. After that you will be provided with some options. 
  4. From there locate the option that entails Special Data offer
  5. Make a selection on it from there you will be provided with the glo 2GB for N500 option. 

Glo special data offer

Selection on it and get your data subscription done once you have the respective amount available on your line. 


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How To Subscribe To Glo 7GB For N1500 Glo Special Data Plan

  1. Use the following above process to activate this plan too. 
  2. Which once you get to the special offer section. 
  3. You will be provided with glo 1GB for N300, 2GB for N500 And 7GB For 1500.
  4. It’s now left for you to select the suitable once for you and ride on with the glo special data plan. 
  5. 1500 is used to subscribe to the 7GB plan respectively. 


Validation Date Of The Glo Special Data Plan

The validation date and day of the glo special data plan are stated behind all subscription menus.. 


Which the glo 1GB plan is valid for one day 1Day. 


Glo 2GB is valid for two days 2days. 


And the 7GB special offer plan is valid for 7days. 


What are your thoughts about this special data offer? 


Let’s hear from you view the comments section and also join our telegram channel to get updates on related stuff. 

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