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How To Share And Unshare Data On Glo In 2023

How To Stop Sharing Data On Glo

Most network providers in Nigeria has made things easy for us which by just dealing some code you can run most stuff which is awesome yes it is, Sharing of data or data plan is cool but in aspect of glo data
sharing is different because you can suggest how many data you wish to share with your friend
so we look into consideration to that which make us to find a way out of how you can
Stop sharing the data with your friends.

Glo Data Share & Unshare

Although in glo data share aspect you don’t or you share specific amount of data, Data share in glo just
seems as if sub for two, what I mean was your friend that you where sharing your data with will
keep browsing with the data you subscribe to until it got exhausted either by you or him which is bad.

But what always amaze me about this system of share me data implemented by glo is that, if your father or elder one share you data they can not count or no the actually number of their data you used.

In opposite if you are sharing your babe or your younger you just need to be patient, More so  is a chance for to know if your babe is using you by the way she manage the data.

The data you share and your data will be gone, don’t worry about that too Much we’ve

brought to you a solution to that which anytime you want to unshare or you want to
stop him/her from using your data you can do it anytime let see to it.

How To Share Data On Glo Unlimited

  1. Go to your phone and dial the code:
  2. *127*01* you are sharing number to # 
  3. Which will be stated as shown below.
  4. *127*01*070*********#
    eleven digits of the number you are sharing your data plan to and not data.
  5. After getting a successful reply on these.
    your friend can now start browsing with his/her Glo sim.

Now let see how you can get these data plans deactivated or
how you can stop sharing data on your friend glo line.

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How To Stop Sharing Data On Glo (Unshare Data)

  1. Goto your phone and dial
  2. *127*02*The number you want to unshare data with # 
  3. Which will be stated as shown below.
  4. *127*02*070*********#
    eleven digits of the number you want to stop sharing data with.
  5. Dial It’s after that you will get a successful message that you have removed the number from
    your shared data list.

That’s all hope you don’t have issues about sharing and UN-sharing of data anymore and
which is the one that makes us come about these posts on how to stop Sharing data on glo.

Let’s know if it works for you or not view the comments box.
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