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You Might Get Yourself Killed Through Phone Explosion If This Mistake Made

Phone explosion 2020/2021

The rate at which phone explosion occur among the youths nowadays is high. It is Essen that some videos and pictures were recovered online which describe how the phone explode was being caused which they later state how someone can save his or her self from being a victim of such action if they follow some precautions and guide.


The best part is to know how something happens so that you can know what to do and how to cater the stuff so that such a thing won’t happen to you too. Samsung S7 device has been one of the devices which most of the users complain and pick description online on how it’s got exploded and causes phone explosion.


Which Samsung company their self calls out people that are making use of such Samsung mode device called S7 and recover the phone from them. Then exchange with different models for them just to save more people’s lives.


And to stop the same process of phone explode from people’s other products also done in such a way if some precautions and guide are not taken.

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How Does The Phone Explosion Happen


The phone explosion happens if some things are not being taken care of or something that any phone owner should do so that they should fall to be a victim to a phone explosion. And also some key factors which cause the phone to explode most.


Let’s check out the list.


  1. CPU overheat
  2. Short circuit
  3. Physical damage
  4. Metal scrap
  5. Faulty battery charger.


Above are the key factors that cause the phone explosion mostly white we are going to pick does factor one after the other and tells you how they cause the phone explode.



How Phone CPU Overheat Cause Phone Explosion

When your phone CPU gets heated and it’s gotten overheated, then you go ahead and plug in the phone with your charger again training to charge it, which might cause a phone explosion in such a way that the charger might alter with the algorithm of the CPU which might lead to phone explosion.

Phone battery explosion

This act is being carried out by most phone users especially the youths who love charging their phones and operating them at the same time. Even when the phone CPU is heated. Too bad it’s better to stop that act now because it’s led to some killings.



How Short Circuit Causes Phone Explode

Short circuits tend to cause explosions when the lithium-ion of the electrode occurs which makes the phone battery come in contact with each other that later result in energy being redirected that later lead to phone explosion of the battery that got burnt-out.

Phone explosion gif

The phone battery will cause some chemical reaction that causes a lot of heat and gases that will later make the phone batter a burnt-out flame that causes the explosion.


How Phone Physical Damage Causes Phone Explosion

In a situation where the phone fell deliberately or accidentally and the falling landed with the phone battery side that might later cause some reaction phone the phone battery, which causes something like puncture for the phone battery sheet of the plastic that is holding the battery. Which later led to the electrode leaking out and later cause a bridge for the positive and negative pole of the battery-power which might later lead to the phone exploding.

 phone explosion while charging


How Metal Scrap Causes Phone Explode

Metal Scrap causes phone explosions in such a way that small metal or metallic objects might be present in the battery when the phone malfunction process might take off which might later be noticed from the battery and this might later be causing some short circuit between the electrode and a thermal runaway which will later ultimately turn off.


How faulty Battery Chargers Cause Phone Explosion

In a situation where the phone battery is not good and the users did not notice or you might have gone ahead and charged the phone with a high voltage which is not designed for your phone circuit that will later cause some electronic problem both for the charger and the battery. It leads to phone explosions. It is better to take full precautions before you use any form of the charger to charge your phone.

This article is written for our own safety and it will save a lot of lives out there if you yourself grab some knowledge of how phone explode happen and share the knowledge with your friends and families. When you know what causes something then you are 100% safe from being a victim that causes such an act or action.


What are your thoughts about this article?


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