How Make Upto 5000 Daily Online Using Opay Referral Bonus Program

Opay Referral Bonus

Opay it’s something that most people are familiar with most in Nigeria, the city part of the country. People that stay in places like Lagos, Kaduna, etc are mostly familiar with opay when we talk of facial processes. People that work online for opera news are also familiar with opay so it’s not a new platform they are not engaged with Opay referral bonus which the program will make you earn as you bring people to know about the platform by following some easy tasks we are about to share with you guys. 


Opay referral program which bonus is attached to makes you earn 250 per person you invite to the platform and when the person you referral carry out the process to make you earn. The best part is that the person you invite too will also earn 250 registration bonus for the opay referral bonus which makes both parts to earn from the referral program. 


You will need to be a member and have your own personal opay account before you can be able to partake in the opay referral program let’s get into it. 


How To Join Opay In 2021

To join opay and be a verified user of the bank or platform because opay is a merchant bank on its own if you don’t know. Require that are need to use and join opay include:

  • A valid mobile phone number that can receive and send messages. 
  • Your personal Bank Verification Number (BVN) will be used for verification and KYC. 
  • Reserves Amount of 150 upward that will be used to carry out first-time transactions. 

After you have gotten the requirements you can now process to join opay by registering first using your number let’s look into it. 


How To Register On Opay In 2021

  1. Click here to head straight to the registration page. 
  2. Provide your phone number in the blank box. 
  3. The number first zero must be omitted to prevent yourself from getting errors doing the registration process. 
  4. After you have provided your phone number click on the Google Play Button below the box. 
  5. Then you will be redirected to a page to download opay app.
  6. Download now login with the phone number you just provide. 
  7. Log-in or register use the process provided on the app to fetch an OTP one time password for yourself. 
  8. After you have successfully registered or been granted access to log-in to the app. 
  9. Now locate the button name Me that can be found below the app. 
  10. Click on your profile and locate the button name Upgrade Account or Upgrade To KYC2.
    Notice Before you proceed, the important notice makes sure any information you are providing on the app when registering such as full name and date of birth are corresponding with your BVN Details.
  11. Once you click on the upgrade button you will ask to provide your BVN and date of birth.
  12. Make sure it is correct, once the info is corresponding then you are good to go. 
  13. The above process will earn you N100 all together.
  14. Now we move to the next part. Just by sending money to your opay account.
  15. The phone number you use to register your opay is your opay account number.
  16. Go-to your local bank account and transfer money to your account minimum of N50 but make it N150.
  17. The last part is to partake in other opay account funding.
  18. Transfer money to another opay account using the person opay account number.
  19. If you don’t have the one to transfer to, kindly transfer to this account 09019549567 and request for a refund from the other of the account. 

That’s all you can now partake in the opay referral program so that you can earn yourself up to N5000 daily let’s get into it. 

You will need to get your opay referral link before you can invite anybody and earn money from the program. 


How To Get Your Opay Referral Link

  • Login to your opay account.
  • Click on the “Me” button.
  • Find the options button stated as “Refer Friend”.
    Opay Referral Link
  • Click on it and the button “share link“.
    Opay Referral Program Link
  • Then share it with any of your friends on WhatsApp to get your invitation link. 

Everybody you successfully referral will earn 250 as said earlier once they carry out the task as stated. 


Thing To Note About The Opay Referral Program 

  • The person you have must successfully partake in the sign-up registration process. 
  • Referral must partake on account upgrade to KYC 2 using BVN. 
  • Account must be funded with at least N50.
  • Referral Should also partake in account opay transactions. 
  • This implies to transfer funds to another opay account at least N100.
    Opay Referral Program

Once the person has done all that then you will both get N250 to imagine when you invite 10 you earn 2500 automatically 20 people earn you 5000 that’s all about. 



Opay referral program is legit and paying which you earn 250 per referral and don’t try to partake in any self-referral process so as to not to get your account band or tag as a fraud account you should work for what you need. 

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