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WhatsApp To Stop Working On The Following Device In 2021 

WhatsApp To Stop Working On The Following Device In 2021 

Whatsapp, one of the giant social media messengers has just rolled out an update that will affect some devices in 2021 and make devices to stop working with WhatsApp in 2021 for both android and iOS devices. The aim of this article is to provide the list of does device to let you know if your device is among or not. 

As we all know in 2015 / 2016 WhatsApp did so back then popular device known as blackberry. They officially announced that it will stop working on any blackberry and that comes around as then which most blackberry devices stop working with whatsapp. 


No such action has been taken up on some android devices and iOS devices let’s check the list of devices and how to stop your device from engaging in such acts. 


List Of Android Devices To Stop Working With Whatsapp In 2021

This section is specified only for android devices that won’t be compatible with WhatsApp again in 2021. That is whatsapp will stop working on the list of the android devices that we will list below in 2021.

  • LG android called Optimus Black.
  • Motorola Android device with name Droid Razr.
  • HTC device named Desire.
  • And lastly Samsung Galaxy S2 and so on.

Above are the list of and devices that will stop working with whatsapp or won’t be compatible to make use of whatsapp again in 2021.

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Now we move to the iPhone or iOS devices that will stop working with WhatsApp in 2021.


List Of iPhone Or IOS Device That Will Stop Working With Whatsapp In 2021


From 2021 some iPhone devices will stop using WhatsApp apps on their device which their device won’t be compatible to make use of WhatsApp again in 2021.


The following iPhone devices include:


iPhone earlier models like iPhone 4 and others. 


Other lower iPhone devices like iPhone 4S to 6S are just to upgrade their iPhone operating system iOS so that they won’t get affected with the Whatsapp update in 2021.


 The latest iPhone devices like iPhone 6s Plus iPhone SE first generation are still compatible with whatsapp till date 2021 and seem to be always supported with the updates. That came with or upgrade to the latest iOS of recent we have iOS 14 which is the latest iOS. 


In some cases you might still want to use or make use of whatsapp on the restricted devices that we mention above which will stop working or whatsapp will stop working in 2021 the all you have to do is. 


How To Keep Using Whatsapp On Restricted Devices in 2021

We suggest upgrading your android devices or iOS to the latest version’s if you are able to or if you have a custom run available for that your outdated device then you should upgrade the device to that version to lift up the restrictions and make you be able to use whatsapp in 2021.


How To Know Your Device Operating System Version 

The steps that will be listed to get to know your android device operating system device version are listed below :

  • Open your phone and locate your phone settings.
  • On the setting, the page scrolls down and click on phone status or about the phone.
    Stop Working With Whatsapp In 2021
  • Scroll to the phone version or about the device.
  • Then you will be provided with your info.
  • Which entails the room, storage use, and others like the operating system version.
  • You can then pick to find an update for your devices or so. 

How To Check Your IOS Device Operating System Version 

  • Switch to your iPhone or iOS device version.
  • Locate settings and find the menu option settings.
  • General and switch to information. 

You will find your iOS device info there and the operating system version.

That’s all. 

What are your thoughts about this update? 


Let us know via the comments section and join our telegram channel for fast updates. 

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