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Olist: How to earn upto N1000 daily on olist


Before we proceed to know how to earn view list I will like us to know what it all about.

What is Olist 

Olist is an online Marketplace where Different kinds of Goods are sold-out to different kinds of Customers online Simple words it just an online shopping Marketplace, it Is an online shopping market Powered By Opera. 

Their app also available on Google play store which Seems Olist App Verified is for the use you can get it there or follow these links to get Cash price when you download the app. 

Olist app

New ways to make Christmas money, yea I call it way to make money for Xmas because it is not the kind of easy to be earning 1000 daily if you calculate it in a month together you earn a lot.


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Has you can see it in December last month of the year many companies.

Online Marketers are coming with Bonuses, Giveaways and more So the offer is Only for a limited time. 


The offer from olist is said to be valid till ending of this month we are December it scheduled to  End Dec 31 so stand a chance to Grab these opportunities. 


You can go straight to register by clicking here or read the article below for more info. 




How to participate in the campaign by olist

Users of Olist who register/login with the telephone number can share the cash prize pool.

Users who register with email can win cash directly too but need to bind phone numbers before withdrawing the cash.

How to be qualified for withdrawal on olist

You can withdraw cash to Opay account if you have won over 150 Naira so it means you have to earn up to N150 before you can withdraw your fud from.

How to win a cash prize on olist

Has said earlier Users of Olist who register/login with telephone number can share the cash prize pool.

Users who register with email can win cash directly too but need bind phone number before withdrawing the cash

Likely If you download Olist APP, you stand a chance to win an extra 50 Naira. Each user can only win the extra cash from downloading the olist app only once.

Olist cash prize

How does olist Refer to Program work? 

Olist Redeem #10 to your account on every person you refer, don’t say the money it too small that you can participate in these programs,

No to say the fact Multiply that N10 X 5 and see how much you get if you refer 5 people to me it Awesome don’t know for you.

Olist withdrawal

We bring you the best of best ways on how you can make money online and most legit refer program online you can check out some of our related posts on how you can make money online


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We are here to lead you through the legit way, if you have any questions regarding any of our post slides to below of the post and lay down your question there then wait for an instant answer from our thanks. 


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