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Mtn 450MB For N50 2023 Cheap Data Plan (How To Activate) 

Mtn 450MB For N500 2023 Cheap Data Plan

Here is one of the 2023 mtn affordable data plans which is also tagged as the mtn cheap data plan that you can learn about in 2023 which is the mtn 450MB for 50 naira, you are about to learn how you can get it. 

More-or-less which should say how to activate mtn 450MB for 50 affordable or cheap data plans in 2023 there is a specific code for that, which you are going to learn about soon. 

Since the era of free browsing has died down in most network providers in Nigeria what people search for most now is cheap data plans. 

And the keywords affordable data plan is not left aside which can be gotten from any Nigeria internet service providers ISP (Mtn, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile). 

Starlink is now also one of the major internet service providers in Nigeria as at when this article was published. 

Let’s leave that aside and move to what actually brings about this article. 

Mtn 450MB For 50 Naira Activation Code

We can refer to this as the code to get mtn 450MB for 50 cheap 2023 data plans which you can also call it sideway (Verse vassal). 

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Which is the particular code that will help us to activate the plan on our mtn line. 

But before you move further you should have it at the back of your mind that this data is selective. 

That is the kind of plan that is done when people run off data and are left with nothing but to subscribe using their low airtime balance. And it said it not be available for all mtn customers. 

So if you stop by yourself on this article and you like to activate this particular keep data plan on your MTN line then it is not 100% guaranteed that it will work on your line. 

So use the activation process below to know if it will actually work on your MTN line.

If it works for you then you should know you are good to go if you plan to do this particular plan up up to 5 times which is eligible for 14 days. 

You should now see what you will get which is why this particular plan is tagged as a 2023 MTN cheap data plan.

In some other ways, you can also refer to it as an affordable MTN data plan in 2023. Now let’s get to the activation process or how you can get the particular MTN 450mb plan. 

Mtn 450MB For 50 Naira

How To Activate Mtn 50 Naira For 450MB Plan. 

The official code or the activation code that can be used to get the MTN 450MB is *131*87#.

You will get a message that would explain you will be charged N50 for the plan if you are eligible for it. 

Once you proceed then the plan should be activated on your MTN line which indicates that you are eligible for it. 

You can now proceed with the subscription so as to complete the activation on your MTN line and get this particular affordable data plan

It can be tried on different MTN lines or SIM which will determine the particular one that will work for you as an MTN subscriber or customer that wishes to get and also enjoy this particular offer from MTN to some of their selective customers. 

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