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Mtn Tuesday Offer 5GB For N600: New Mtn Affordable Data Bundle 

Mtn 5GB For N500

Data is life that’s why we come about this article usually leads you through ways how you can get one of the latest MTN affordable data bundle all data plans, is it to be the MTN Tuesday offer of 5GB for N600 which is N500 before or mtn Tuesday offer 100 for 1GB which is tag as one of the Affordable data plans and if you have one that you have been searching for ways to get a cheap data plan on your service provider that is listed above then this article is for you. 

The Mtn network provider has now increased the Tuesday to 600 for 5GB and not 500 again which is something we would like you as our view to take note of.

Most people find it easy and fast to exhaust their data plan, so we’ll go ahead and search for a cheap, affordable, and low-cost data plan for their service provider. So if MTN is one of the internet service providers that you are making use of then you need to look into this article and grab the latest offer of 500 Naira but now 600 naira that will give you 5 GB amount of data. 

Requirements for the MTN Tuesday offer

Yes, you will need a few things before you can be able to get this data plan activated on your line which we are going to release below. 

  • Your MTN SIM should be active. 
  • You might have noticed that your SIM can browse through the network in your area. 
  • Get 600 and not 500 I’m out of airtime available on your MTN line. 
  • Download my MTN app which you can get from the Google Play store or app store for iOS users. 
  • Follow up with the steps below so as to get things done successfully. 

How we are going to move to the main part of this article which is to get the latest MTN affordable data bundle activated on your line that will give you MTN 5 GB for 600, not 500.

How To Get Mtn Tuesday Plan 5GB For N500 Now N600

  1. Firstly you will need to go to your app store or Google Play Store to download the My MTN app
  2. If you confirm the app and you have installed it on your device go ahead to open it. 
  3. Once it opens, put your MTN phone number to log in or gain access to the main app. 
  4. Provide your phone number and click on the verify or continue button will be sent a one-time password. 
  5. Can get this password from your SMS or it will be sent through SMS and copy the code. 
  6. Take note of the cold and go ahead to provide it on the box that you find within my MTN app. 
  7. After you gain access to the app, it is now time to get the MTN Tuesday data offer 5GB data. 
  8. Now look around the menu and you will see me on the app or scroll up. 
  9. I click on the button or action that is tagged as Offer. 
  10. Click on the second button under exclusive offer and all exclusive app deals. 

From there you can subscribe with the 600 now as new charges 500 naira amount of time on your mtn line. 

Which will give you the MTN 5GB amount of data in an affordable way or cheap way (mtn Tuesday offers 100 for 1GB). 

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You can use the data to surf the internet as you like. 

Things to Note

You will need to make use of the mtn Tuesday offer on the mtn app before you can be able to make you get this affordable MTN data plan or bundle. 

You can use the normal code that you always use to check your data plan to check the data that you just subscribed to (mtn Tuesday offer 5GB). 

The amount of data that you also have can also be located on my MTN app. 

The subscriptions are always stated to be there every week on Tuesday which won’t be available again after the day passes. 

You can always check my MTN app for every exclusive offer or deal that they are for you so as to enjoy a more related affordable data plan from MTN. 

We are going to be giving you updates back-to-back about the latest MTN affordable data bundle on our blog relating to this recent MTN tuesday awoof 5GB data that you can get for 600 new price changed 500 nairas. 

All you need to do is to state laws on some of our major social media platforms that you can locate above or below this article. 


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