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Mtn 1.5GB For 200 New Code & How To Get

Mtn 1.5GB for 200

In this article, we are going to be talking and dealing with how to get 1.5GB for 200 on Mtn with the new code that you can use to get it and activate it on your line. 

Since most people are now always in search of a cheap and affordable data plan and bundle in 2023 then we tag this mtn 1.5GB for 200 one of them. 

One of the best parts is that the data validation period is still 30 days more-or-less like a monthly bundle but one of the best affordable data plans that have been set aside for mtn users. 

Mtn 1.5GB for 200 2023

As the new data code for mtn and other network providers has been rolled out things now also seem to look different. We now have a new code that can be used to get 1.5GB for 200 on mtn which we are about to share with you. 

The mtn 1.5GB this particular one is tagged 2023 because is just a fresh cheap data plan that the code has just been discovered in the recent year. 

But before you also proceed, you should know that the eligibility status of this data plan or hidden bundle is also determined. 

That not everywhere will be or are eligible for the data, that is you yourself might not be able to get and activate the plan on your mtn line just like the message we also get below. 

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But it’s something you can still give a trial and see if you are part of the people that will also enjoy this cheap and affordable data plan 2023 from mtn. 

Now is a possible moment to leave much A-side and dive into the best part of this article so as to know how to get the data. 

How To Get 1.5GB For 200 On Mtn

  • All you need to do so as to get the mtn 1.5GB for 200 is to dial the code. 
  • Go to your phone dialer and dial *312*88# and send. 
  • Then you should see a prompt message stating the amount of data you will get. 
  • 1.5GB for 200 valid for 30 days, proceed to activate and subscribe to the plan. 
  • You should know from there if you can activate it on your mtn line or not. 
  • That is one of the parts to know if you can get the data plan and that is how you can get the 1.5GB for 200 in 2023.
How To Get 1.5GB For 200 On Mtn

You can see the code is somehow related to the new mtn code that has just been rolled out that can be used to purchase data on mtn and other networks like Airtel in 2023 right? 

So you know now is one of the new methods that can be used to get an affordable data plan in 2023.

Some You Should Also Know About This Data Plan

You might not be eligible to enjoy this data plan which might sound disappointing that not the end we at Alitech blog also share different tips on how you can get cheap and affordable data plans on any network provider. 

Just like recently we’ve just shared some new tips about the mtn MSME data that you can get 2GB for a cheap Price and make use of it to work on your phone. 

And we also look into Airtel’s double data plan and code how you can get it in 2023 which is also something you should look into and grab some knowledge about it which you will get double of any data you purchase on your airtel line once you get that done. 

There are still more affordable data plan options available in our free browsing category which you can look into and select your choice. 

Since the era of free browsing on major network providers has come to an end, the Option left out is to get a cheap data plan from either Airtel or on mtn. 

So don’t get disappointed if you are not eligible for this mtn 1.5GB for N200 one of the sweet deals that has just been discovered in 2023.

Apart from that mtn also set A-side the best plan every Tuesday which is called the mtn Tuesday plan which is introduced to provide affordable data plans for their respective customers around the globe. 

You can just look at any of the options that should work for you and the best part is to stay tuned to an alitech blog both on websites and major social media like telegram channel and others. 

Final Say

The Mtn 1.5GB for 200 is something that most people will like to get on their line before is said to be cheap and let you save a lot of money for data (affordable)  but it involves eligibility record and status, so if you did not get it, then you can keep trying best luck next time. 

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