A Malware That Pretends To Be A System Update Is Attacking Android Phones See More info

Malware That Pretends To Be A System Update Is Attacking Android Phones

Do you have an or make use of an android phone?  If so then you shouldn’t ignore or disregard this post for it’s a piece of information that will make you stay out of danger for good and Mostly for your own good with an app which is known as malware which pretend to be an android update for most android phones is currently attacking android phones through the system updates. 

As you all know and if you don’t know you should know now that once hacker gain access to your device they will take complete control of your device which entails stealing vita information and maybe expose you and your secret to the world either by taking pictures or video might be to steal some vital files or data you might have saved on your phone. 

App Know As Malware That Act As System Update Is Currently Attacking Android Phone 

Deep Tech researchers have recently discovered an app that disguises be malware
pretending to be system update and it’s hidden due to the system update service that it’s
proven itself to be which is not. 

Malware pretend to be system update

Zimperium tech researchers as brought into consideration that this malware is hard to find
due to the system update that it’s prompt to be and once you grant the malware access just
by installing the update your android phone as fall into the hards of Hackers. 

Hope you know how hacker operate once they gain access to your devices they will run the
attack to your devices as a blackhat which will make them to steal your data and also be able
to take control of your phone camera, GPS, index of phone location, check your browser
history extract some vital files, gain access to your email and more. 

The CEO of Zimperium mentioned to techcrunch that this malware is installed just to attack any target android devices. 

“It’s the most advanced one we have seen easily… I think that this app has been spent a lot of time and effort. We think other applications like this are available, and we try our best to find them as soon as possible”

He mentioned the display on the message. 

If you are one that installs app mostly from play store or app store then you shouldn’t worry about this news in as much as the app is not seen on Google play store in any way is not on
play store as was mentioned by the researchers and it makes it’s to not gain access to most people android phones. 

If you are one that likes to install apps from third-party websites then you should be careful
because of the latest malware that was just discovered. 


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