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How To Use Technologies In Learning English?

Learning English

Technology gives many possibilities for youngsters to learn English online. Children who live in environments that favor technological advancements in their study of English learners acquire crucial skills that will help them in their studies and future careers. In the article below, we discover ideas and suggestions to utilize digital technology at home and with your family members to help your child use English whenever possible.

The Video

A video is a tool that aids in learning English. The videos help children learn about other cultures and become acquainted with the real world of English. Through this program, it’s also possible to know oral communication by creating video clips of your own in English. So be creative and get involved!


Ask every family member to create a short film (about 1-minute) about your chosen topic, such as favorite spot, most precious object, etc. Then ask them to make the keywords they used for the video in English (10 -20 words), which describe what they recorded. Ask them to record the voice-over on their video using the keywords they’ve found.

Use Of Internet

Today, children utilize the Internet frequently to get access to information. It can be challenging to assess the credibility of websites and the quality of content available. Instruct your children to reflect on the content they find on the Internet and assist them in evaluating the content available online.


Offer each family member the opportunity to take a test in English and ask them to answer in your language if they don’t know English. Encourage them to search the Internet to locate the correct answers. Did they all have the same thing?

Sample quiz:

  • What was the first to be in the universe?
  • What time is it in Tokyo? How many hours are ahead/behind?
  • What will the weather be like tomorrow after lunch here in Cape Town?
  • What is the best way to say “hello” in Swahili?
  • Which is the largest global city (by population)?
  • What is the time required to travel between Sydney from Sydney to Melbourne? What road should you take?

To make this activity somewhat more difficult, you can ask your child to design their own test in English.

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Online Machine Translation Tools

Language students are increasingly using automated internet translators (often to help with their assignments!). Even if the translation tools are continually evolving, the results are far from precise.

It is crucial to teach youngsters and teens how these tools function and how important it is to take the time to read the text that is proposed.


Choose a word written in English that your kid is familiar with, such as the last text that he read at school or the lyrics to his most-loved song. Translate the text into your language with two different automatic online translators. Ask your child to contrast the original text against the two translations, and play the game of difference. Can it spot errors in the translations? Also, ask him to provide a better translation.

Telling A Story Through Digital Tools

Digital tools are ideal for children to learn English with a creative and fun method. They allow you to let children be actors in their studies and, if they are lucky, even directors!


Let your child help bring the stories they create into the world. Many tools allow children to make their own fairy tales, comics, puppet shows, 3D books, or cartoons.

Here are a few apps you can test with it

  • Create an online book. Let your child make their own drawings as well as record their voice. You can also add music, photos, video, text, and photos ( Book Creator is available for iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Create your personal comic strips online, ask your child to pick the design characters of his selection, and let’s go! He drags characters to make his own tale apps available for iOS and Android 

Interactive Games And Mobile Applications

Free, interactive games and apps were created to aid children in learning English with fun. We give many suggestions in our article Learning English by playing.

We also tried a popular italki app that permits children to hire online English tutors to learn English efficiently.

Begin the adventure of learning English along with your children!

With its variety, the video game market is an enormous business that is far more than the music or cinema industry. There are a variety of categories of games and apps, including puzzles and quizzes, action games, and other games like Solitaire and Sudoku.


What would you do if you started an entirely new challenge for the entire family? Request that everyone download a free app to study and learn English online on their smartphone or tablet.

For instance, you could suggest that they type these phrases into the engine’s search: “Learn English kids,” “English speaking practice,”” or pick an application that is on this list of most well-known applications to learn English.

Invite everyone to discuss their latest app and how it worked and whether they liked it, and if they liked it.

Still A Little Reluctant?

Making use of technology when learning English can be a bit difficult. Parents must keep an eye on the advancements brought on by these technologies to continue to guide their children along their journey. Remember that we all learn something new every day, and the digital age is for everyone – kids, parents, and teachers developing new skills simultaneously.

Technology is changing rapidly and growing. Therefore, it is common to experiment with different methods before adopting a new tool or new technology.

New opportunities to help your child succeed through digital technologies to create, learn the world, discover, build, and explore the world are within reach of everyone.

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