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How to track calls from another phone for free without the person knowing

How to track calls

Your girlfriend might be cheating on you by viewing phone calls right? Or you have a junior once that you like to know how they make calls on a daily basis, likewise, you might be a parent and wish to know who your children communicate with or how they make calls on a daily basis right? Don’t worry that much for we will be talking about how to track calls from another phone for free without any stress or how you can track phone calls without the person’s knowledge. 

There are several ways which people can use to track calls or phone calls on the internet but
you might not get the rightful guide for we are going to be discussing different ways on how
you can track calls for free and also lets you know about premium ways of tracking phone
calls which might cost some funds. 

Different Ways Which People Use To Track Calls 

According to the sud heading, there are different ways and likewise, several ways which you
can use to track phone calls but we will be discussing two different ways in which you can
use to track any calls and they entail:

  1. Free method of tracking calls
  2. And Premium Method of tracking phone calls. 

Our main heading of this article targets and entails the main way which will like to talk about
you tracking calls which is a free method or how to track calls on another phone for free which does not involve any charges. 

And the other way which is the premium method and the most recommended way we will
like you to use and track any phone calls, yes we recommended it for a reason which you
don’t know but you will know soon. 

But you should also know that anything that is attached to be free of charge seems to goes
well or does not come with the best amazing features specific for our topic tracking of phone calls.

So we’re gonna discuss the premium and the free method that you can use to track some
calls before we can now jump into the beginning. 

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How To Track Phone Calls (Premium Method) 

Since it’s not free stuff you will need a third-party platform or app that you will use to track
your target phone calls or call so we recommend one of the premium apps or platforms to
you that we will use and track our phone calls on this article which is known as TheWispy.

As the name implies they spy on anything that pertains to calls for you by tracking your
target calls, phone calls that were received or sent from the receipts and it will be done in a
smooth way for you which your target won’t find out that you are tracking his/her calls. 

This platform offers services that support android devices from the lower version to the
higher version so it’s recommended to check if your target is using an android phone before
you jump to the conclusion of tracking any calls. 

how to Track call with thewispy

Method To Be Used On TheWispy To Track Calls On Another Phone 

  1. Seen the stuff is premium then you will need to:
  2. Subscribe to get premium access to the platform, 
  3. Install the appropriate software or android app. 
  4. Log in to your main dashboard on your phone, 
  5. Start recording your target calls, 
  6. And pick control of what you want to view your mail dashboard. 

How To Make Use Of TheWispy To Track Phone Calls

  • According to the first steps you will need to get a premium subscription from this platform before you can start making use of their service so that can be done by. 
  • Visit their platform using the above link or visit directly from your own web browser, which you will need to visit their websites known to be TWS which is their official webpage. 
  • Open an account with them by signing up on their website, after you’ve successfully registered or sign up. 
  • You can now login to your account next is to pick up a subscription plan which you will be provided with a list of once you log in. 
  • Subscribe to any of the packages that are affordable for you or in your range, once the subscription is successful you will be sent and mail view the email you use to register on the TWS webpage. 
  • The mail will contain special information which will lead you through the way on how to download the android app and your account verification code respectively. 
  • Go ahead and pick both up, log in to your TheWispy account to confirm the subscription using the code. 
  • And also head straight to your target phone which you will need to install the backdoor app on. 
  • The tws app server is a backdoor app on your target phone because it can be hidden once you install it to your target phone or device before you can be able to track calls and get the call inf from your own end. 
  • Once you get the download link of the app from the mail sent to your, end straight to your target phone, gain access to its secretary or follow your way just make sure you gain access to it the first time. 
  • Now go to your phone browser and visit the download link that was provided earlier, download the app and install it to your target phone then grant the app any permission request after installation. 
  • Then you and good to go for you will also be asked to hide the app on the phone so as not to let your target know about such an app which will still allow or let’s the app to function well by getting you what you want which is to know about your target calls. 

You have know method to install now it’s how to make use of the main thing to get you the
phone calls. 

How To Track Phone Calls Using TheWispy

Once you install the app on your target phone to start tracking calls which is also known to
be call recording you will need to do this:

  • Head straight to your own dashboard when you have purchased the premium subscription and you have been granted access. 
  • Login views the log-in code that was provided for you, which will allow you to access your tws control panel, once you’ve login you will be provided with tools to make use of. 
  • Which the control panel provides you with tools that will be used to track calls from your target phone once you’ve successfully installed the app or the backdoor app. 
  • To start recording calls you will need to enable too little set-up before the operation can catch up completely, 
  • From the control panel on your account dashboard click on the option setting Call recording, then you will be provided with dial calls history with some other call history which entails:
  • The received calls missed calls, and the calls that were canceled from your dashboard will be attached with some voice reordered files. 
  • Then your call tracker have started working, which you can play the recorded file which represents record files that were gotten from your target phone calls, 
  • There is also some other call tracking features that you will still be provided with which entails providing call log info and call history from your target phone likewise providing you will have the contact info on your target phone that you can take control of. 

Yea by now you have learned the premium method used to track calls but you still want to
know about the free method right let’s dive into it asap. 

How To Track Calls From Another Phone For Free

The free method used to track phones on any device either iOS or Android devices
the recommended method is through Google voice

Yes, Google voice has the features that can enable you to track phone calls which we’re gonna talk about now. 

how to Track call with google voice

How To Track Phone Calls Using Google Voice 

  • You will still need to gain access to your target phone which you will need to visit Google voice on his/her phone. 
  • Once you’ve gotten to the google voice app on the phone you will need to sign your own Google account on the phone, 
  • After you’ve signup then, look around the Google voice app and click on a gear icon at the top right corner of the app. 
  • Click on setting from the page provided of you click on the icon, then click on phone calls, 
  • Now select the option to enable phone recording which triggers the option to always press 4 whenever a call is to be made on such a phone that’s your target phone. 
  • If the option is triggered on your target phone then you can get what you want which is to track phone calls. 
  • When you notice that a call has been received on the target phone you can now go to your own phone and open the Google voice app. 


Make sure you are login to the same Google account both on your phone and your target phone. 
  • Locate the menu option button and click on it, now click on record from the menu bar. 
  • And you will be provided with the list of recorded calls from your target phone, which you can now pick from the list and listen to anyone of your choice. 

Remember whenever a call is to be recorded on your target phone you will be notified of that
which might make it detect, but in. Must case it might not because it might seem as if a normal call record will save to his/phone only. 

It’s better we should look into the best method out of the free and premium method of phone call tracking. 

Call Tracking For Free Vs Call Tracking On Paid 

If you go through this article and read from the beginning to the end you should know the
comparison and the best features of the call tracking pain Vs call tracking for free. 

Which the paid or premium method offers you full access to track your target calls without
their notice or knowledge, but the free call tracking method using Google voice might lets
he/her detect because of the call recording activation during the call and after the call
using the 4 buttons. 

That means it summarizes its best recommendation to track calls using the premium method instead of the free methods. 

Let us know your thoughts about the two methods in the comments section and
straight tune for a more related post. 

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