How To Make Money Online As A Blogger In 2022

Earn online

There are several ways to earn money online 2022 both in blogging aspect and if you are not blogging which ways of making online search results got high every day by day, that was the great reason behind it which we choose to make an article of this type it will really help you in knowing different ways to make money online. 

From the search panel we’ve discovered some related keywords like how to make money online, how to make money online as a student, how to make money online in 2022, how to make money online as a student in 2022 likewise how to make money online with Google which this article we answer most of the question related to what we stated above. 

How To Earn Money Online

Top ways which a blogger uses to earn. Money from their blog is true monetization means getting advertisements from a platform like Adsense powered by Google, propeller ads, ads company, and so on.

Other which are not a blogger earn money online or make money online by just engaging themself in some investment platform, like investing their money in cryptocurrency.

for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc also involve themself in some referral program or Ponzi scheme which is not recommended to join cause it might crash at any time.

Most people also trend online they keep trending their money on different kinds of platforms that engage in trending does seem like gambling.

Other platforms let sports betting platform you stake some football club to get some amount back which you might lose your money if the country you stake your money
to losses sounds bad. 

Today as founders of Alitech we’ve come to a conclusion that will make most bloggers and none make cool cash money online most through monetizing which will favor bloggers most and none blogger in some part

There are several platforms online nowadays which you can or you will be able to run ads for but we’ve done our research and fish out the best out best, what we mean by that is the one that pays most likely weekly or monthly. 

How I Earn Money Online

But still, Google AdSense seems to be one of the best platforms that pay bloggers we will stick to their policy without violating their rules in anyways. Before we go further, note below. 

Note : we create this content or article to favor both bloggers and none blogger’s on how
to make money online, but why going through it, it might seems to favor bloggers most
before we mostly empathize on magnetization platform, So if you like to get a blog too
or website to start making money unlike bloggers too you can contact me directly so that
we can engage into discussion and get a blog or create a website for you too and start making money from writing. 

Nice one,  already have the list of the sites or platforms for which you can register to start running ads for them but we choose to list them out with brief explanations in Apa Style that’s from A B C To Z. 

Let’s being. 

How To Make Money Online From Google Adsense 

I choose to write about this first because is one of the most paying platforms for monetizing online Adsense normal CPM they calculate your fund for you according to your daily traffic and click it recommend. 

How To Make Money Online From Google Adsense 

Adsense or Google Adsense can be registered here to start making money online from it you must have a website where you publish content on it daily and before ads can be shown on your website, they must go through their review, if your site reach or your site sticks to their policy it will get approval straightforward without much talk you can join the platform view below button. 

AdSense pays their publishers mostly toward the end of months 24, and 25 depending, and their first earnings threshold is 100$ or 150$ after you can now start getting paid lower from that. 


Adsterra is also an advertisement company that allows publishers to publish there’s code on their websites it is quite easy to get approval from the platform it seems related to popads and propeller ads company, they pay per click at a high rate that even if you don’t have enough traffic on your site you can still earn from the platform with low traffics on your blog.

Join adsterra here 

the adsterra account also allows a referral program to is a great ways suggested to make
money online from in 2022 by working for adsterra online you will earn as a student and also earn living from it too join view below link or button 

How To Make Money Online From Adsterra 

How To Make Money Online View Ads Now

Ads now is an advertisement company that has been in existence for quite a long although we don’t have many reviews about them because we don’t know if they still pay their workers well which are bloggers the publishers that own a blog but you can check the platform out to know how far they operate, we actually don’t suggest you should apply for it, but we just feel we should let you know something like that exit if you will like to make money from the platform online see and visit ads now website view below button. 


Engageya is another recommended way of making money online available for bloggers because they allow the placement of a bunch of sponsored content from their platform. They pay bloggers per click on their content from your blogger. has of when this article was updated we have to review and no record of this advertising platform right now, before you make use of it make sure you engage yourself in intensive research before you join the platform.

Media net 

Media net or is one of the ads companies which most of their publishers can be found in the USA (United State Of America ) which they want traffic mostly from the USA and they partially accept other site publishers from other countries. 

How To Make Money Online From Media net 

Medianet is also one of the topmost paying site ads companies. We recommend it for any blogger to wish to make money online, but before you apply to the platform make sure your site or blog reaches their requirements. You can check out their ads placement policy from here. 

It is one of the best companies where bloggers can make money through monetizing by joining monetizing company.


Mgid is an advert company that offers a view from their publisher high-quality ads just like AdSense they don’t accept low rating sites, that is before your site can quality to place mgid.

ads on your site you must be getting at least 3k 3000 daily traffic to your blog or site which is suggested by mgid and it is part of their policy we also make review that too.

we confirm that Mgid is one of the best paying platforms that you earn or make money online from they pay their publishers well you can also place your ads on the platform to we high good quality advertisement bar. 

How To Make Money online On Mgid 

How To Make Money Online From PropellerAds

PropellerAds Company is also a platform that enable sponsored content on a blog or site through monetizing and they got paid I mean blogger got paid according to traffic volume on their blog, it is quite different from Adsense and media net before they allow or enable something like pornographic stuff on their platform which will entice people or viewers to click on their ads too much enticing to the extent that they also allow the blogger to post some annoying ads like on click ads tag which whenever you click any side or link on the site you will be redirected to another site. 

How To Make Money Online From PropellerAds

That how some ads working or some site what make it different was, your site can got approval from it instantly but you might not be able to enable all tags at once unless you’re site reach their requirements of getting at least or to be among one of the Top 500,000 Alexa ranks of a particular location, bloggers know what I mean by that. 

That is not all about propellerads, they also allow referral programs for any body that signup on their platform which can favours both bloggers and that is what I love most about the platform because it favours both parties. 

join propellerads here

Withdraw limit is 100$ which there paying methods it through PayPal, bitcoin, and other platforms except for Payoneer which other platforms like adsense make use of, they pay weekly and mostly depends on your account, propellerads is a great platform for making money online both for bloggers and none bloggers. 


Popads is an advertisement company which allows bloggers to paste post ads code on their website whenever you visit any site that contains the ads code pop ads will be redirected to another page.

it is the best way for a blogger too to make money online, they also have a referral program, unlike propellerads which is available for none bloggers that is they pay per anybody you refer to the platform it real and they pay well because you will find the ads or adert most on many websites. 

Check out the ads company here and you can join the company by following or clicking the link below. 

Join Popads here 

Now we move to Sulvo


Sulvo is also an ads company just like adsense which enables connection of normal AdSense or Google adsense to your sulvo account when applying for it, to my own review they hardly approve sites unlike adsense because you will hardly find it on most sites. 

How To Make Money Online From Sulvo

You can join sulvo from the below button and also try to know more about the platform view here to avoid your account being disapproved for reasons which you don’t know about, the platform is strictly recommended for bloggers. 


Utbrain also offer publisher sponsored content just like engageya and mid ads company with high quality good rate ads placement on different websites, they hardly approve sites but once they did you will start earning tremendously from the platform online it’s a good and recommend ways to make money online from blogging join the platform view below button. 

Join Utbrain Here 

Actually, we have mentioned the best out of the best platforms that bloggers and none bloggers can make money online as we said earlier it will cover the blogging part most, so if you don’t have a blog yet this is high time to get one,  I will be doing giveaways on that, that is first come will not be charged as we suppose to whenever we want to develop a site for some. 

If you would like to get a related site like Alitech blog you can Contact me as said earlier we put you into consideration you can get my contact straight from the telegram channel

Conclusion On How To Make Money Online 

I hope have provide you bloggers with easy ways to earn money online apart from Google Adsense, so if Google disapproves your site from showing ads that not the end you can still do more better than that, that’s the main reason which we go for intensive research and bring this great opportunity to you so pls grab from it and let keep making this money online. 

There are other ads platforms out there that don’t mention not that are not good but we can’t still cover everything up on the internet. The internet is very broad so you can stick with the once we’ve provided in this article and let the spirit of making money online flow in you. 

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