Earn $500 By Watching Video Free – Make Money Online By Watching Videos

Make Money Online By Watching Videos

Imagine doing something very easy where you earn money just like watching videos. You can do this while you’re laying down doing some chores or whatever it is that you are doing and just like that you can earn up to $4 in less than 30 seconds how great that is. 

In this article, I will also be showing you how you can earn $200 to $500 just by watching videos like this so make sure not to skip any part in this method thousands of people all over the world have already cashed out you can be the next one.

Range Of Amount You Can Earn By Watching Videos In 2021

Basically, if you watch one video you can earn up to $4.10 videos would mean $40 and if you can watch 50 videos a day you can easily earn up to $200 this is mind-blowing all you need is a smartphone or a computer and an Internet connection this strategy is 100% free and this too is available worldwide.

in just a moment I will be showing you how to register for a free account and I’ll show you which video will give you the most amount of money not just that I will also be showing you actual examples and proof on how to get started so make sure not to skip any part of this article so you won’t miss out on the important details. 

How To Make Money Online By Watching Videos For Free 2021

We want you to do is to go to or just go to your browser search bar directly and type in then you’ll be able to land on this page right there this is twitch a streaming website there are tons of videos and channels which you can watch for absolutely free most of the videos in this website are actually gaming videos

Earn By Watching Videos

There are a lot of gamers who stream their games on the platform so I’ll be teaching you how you can earn money by watching these videos.

How To Earn By Watching Videos On Twitch 

  • I need you to go ahead and click on the browse button right on the twitch page.
  • then you’ll land on a page where you can see a whole lot of categories and genres of videos 
  • Still want you to focus on this category right there: valorant and valorant is one of the most popular FPS games right now and the players are growing every single day.Make Money Online By Watching Videos
  • so let’s choose that click on the category and that will lead us to another page right there. 
  • I want you to click on the videos button right there as you can see valoret now has over 8.6 million followers. 
  • It will keep growing since it’s already popular a lot of people are actually interested in Valorant.
  • If you Scroll down we can find more videos on this game you can actually watch all of this for free.

Guide Use To Earn By Watching Videos Online For Free 

  • We move onto the next step. I want you to go on to oke.IO this website is really important because we will be using this website. Make money by watching videos
  • as we watch simple videos like this where we’ll be able to make a lot of money online From. 
  • this is going to be very easy and I’ll teach you all of the steps so OK the first thing that you need to do on this website is to create or sign up for an account. 
  • then you’ll be able to shorten a long link so let’s go back to twitch and let’s click on a video right there.
  • you should click on the share button just below the video so you can see the video URL then highlight that link and copy it. 
  • The next thing that you have to do is to go back to oke.IO and paste that video URL right on the space provided for it. 
  • then click on the button right there in order to shorten it so this is.

what actually happens whenever people click on your shortened link this one right there you will earn money per click as long as people click on your link.

you will be making money over and over again. 

Earning Strategy On Oke (Earn Per Click) 

  • talking about clicks the amount of earnings will depend on the location of the people clicking it you’ll be earning different payout rates from different places.
  • Let’s say people from Germany click on your link you’ll be able to earn $4 per click.
  • if people from the USA click on your link you can earn $4.10.
  • take a look at this now as you can see the rates are different depending on the country.
  • This is the strategy people are doing in order to make money online. 


let’s take a look at the number of people who have registered on

There are over 490,000 people registered right now and it will reach 500,000 in no time. 

Make Money Online By Watching Videos 2021

The website also offers different payout methods for you as you can see they have PayPal payza Skrill web money Bitcoin and bank transfer. 

Register for a free account so let’s go back to the home page click on the signup button on the upper right-hand corner of the website page.

Sign-up Process On

then you’ll land on the sign-up page where you can sign up as a new member. 

this is totally free you don’t need to invest any money into this. 

Likely you will need to put in your username, email address, and password, confirm your password right there, and click on I’m not a robot after all that click on submit.

sigup on

it is very easy right anyone can do this so now that you’re logged into your new account you will see your dashboard provided with statistics you can see how many people are actually clicking on your link including your total earnings. 

make sure to read this article to the end so you won’t miss out on important details. 

How To Start Earning By Watching Videos 2021

let’s go back to twitch.TV in the valorant category So what you need to do is select three videos and open them on different windows. 

go back to the first video and again I need you to copy the video URL once you’re done copying it. 

We go back to our dashboard right there and then we need to paste the link just right there then click on short.

copy the link and I’ll be giving you a template of a message right on our telegram page.

Basically, I’ll be giving a brief introduction about valorant and I’ll be adding this line right on the template for more violent videos click the links below to watch now. 

By doing that whenever people click on your link you will earn money so now let me just paste the first video link that we have shortened so whenever people click on your link and depending on which country they come from you earn a different amount of money.

if people from Canada click on your link you earn $3.05 if people from the Philippines click on your link you’ll earn $1.05 so that really depends now you have to continue in shortening the other links and attach them to the template created that’s basically all you have to do this is very very easy and beginner-friendly right you can now make money online starting today. 

Strategy Used To Boost Earning

As always we give out additional bonus tips at the end of the article for you to earn more. I want you to go to this forum. It’s this is a very popular gaming forum where people all over the world talk about different games including valorant.

The reason why I love this forum so much is that this website is absolutely free and available worldwide as you can see under PC gaming discussions in general gaming there are over 29,000 messages and over 700 threads. 

Click on it right there and you’ll land on the page where you can find different posts and there are a lot of people writing short And simple posts on this forum and they’re getting a lot of views now take a look at this people get thousands of views some normal posts get hundreds of views and that’s already a lot there’s. 

Just so many opportunities waiting for you on this website now when you search for valorant and there are a lot of forums as you can see this is a great place where you can paste the template that was created just for you then whenever you get a click you simply earn and that’s it. 

How much have you earned so far using this strategy to make money online? 

Tell us in the comment section and if you like to see video tutorials about this article tell us also in the comment section.



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