How To Earn Up-to $5 ( N1,800 ) Daily On Vova

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We still keep pushing and looking for online money making tips for our viewers as they said that what they want most out of our post, Vova is a platform they sell different kinds of goods online simple words they are an online shopping company in large part. 


the platfrom has been in existence for quite a long. We have also made a post on how to make money from it before you can read about how to make money online from the Vova app here. We choose to write about it again for better explanation and implementation. 


Vova app is attached with a lot of goods and freebies which people that are shopping from them gain as giveaways from the products they purchase, but our own aim is to know how to make use of it to earn on a daily basis. 


What Is vova? 

Vova is an online shopping company just like Alibaba and Aliexpress which sell a lot of good’s on their platform like close, electronic, computers, mobile devices and more. Their app, vova app is attached with a lot of freebies like getting coins on daily check up and gaining crystal on referral program which will or can later be redeem or Convert to dollars and payment is done through PayPal. 


We move to a list of what we need to make us earn from vova app, buh still our major aim is to earn view referral and let see requirements. 



  • PayPal account that can send and receive from any country, Get one or create one from here.
  • Vova app download it from here


    Direct Download Link

  • Valid Email ( gmail  is recommend)
  • Valid date of birth and info. 

How To Register On Vova

  1. After you have download and install the app
    donwload vova from play store
  2. Open it and select your gender, age 18, 18-30 and more.
  3. After you have opened the app click on Me from the menu bar below.
  4. Click on sin-gin below the sign-in option you will see a button there signup for new user’s click on it.
  5. And register by filling in your details Names, Email and set your pass.
  6. Lastly submit and you have successfully registered. 

You now have a vova account now it time to know how to earn from the app, you can earn up to $5 daily from the app which can be redeem from crystal you got per referral, that you got a crystal up-to $2 person which you referral to the app to download join and register through your link. 


How To Get Your Referral Link From Vova app

  • Open the app, on the main menu bar.
  • locate the freebies button.

  • The click on get crystal from the page provided.
  • Copy your link and share it to people you will like to refer to the program or platform. 


After you have gotten or reach your first earning threshold you can withdraw the dollars redeem from the crystal through paypal, the payment is done automatically within 2-3 days. They will pay the fund to your account if the referral is legit and not self referral. 


How To Withdraw From Vova App

  • Open your vova app and click the option button freebies.
  • Select the button Redeem.
  • At the left Corner of the page you will see option button there withdraw.
  • Click on it and input your paypal email and amount you want to withdraw. 

Things To Note About Vova Referral Program


  1. Self referral is not advisable ( such account which took the advantage that easily got detected and Got banned from the referral program)
  2. One account one PayPal mail ( user of single paypal mail of credit account is not advisable likewise is not allowed)
  3. Be careful when sharing you link with you friends ( the link do change on a daily basis)
  4. Always copy different links to share with your friends on a daily basis.
  5. The platform and legit and they pay we’ll.
  6. You can only get your fund through paypal. 

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Keep earning from vova none stopping, if you have any questions about this article ask view the comments section pls don’t come to my inbox and ask I might not be able to reply your message try to understand, as you ask from here is help others that have similar question or that might be facing similar issues thanks for your understanding, remember to join our telegram channel



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