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Current: Earn free cash direct to PayPal by listening to music

Earn money while listening to music with current – 

You probably don’t get paid to listen to music on Audiomack or iTunes, do you? NO!, so why don’t you start earning some extra bucks just to listen to your favourite music, yes! You heard that right, GET PAID TO LISTEN TO YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC. We have decided to introduce to you guys another platform that pays to perform a task you literally do every day. Stay tuned till the end of this article to learn more about this wonderful app! 


I believe there are loads of people out there who can barely pass a day without listening to music. You just can’t take the feeling of not listening to a song from your Favourite streaming platform or even your phone’s local music player. You are a person like that and you find yourself reading this article, then you are in luck. 


Current is a mobile app that rewards users to play curated radio stations and also to perform other task, they reward their users in points and this points can be redeemed when they reach a minimum threshold. Payment are made directly to the users PayPal account.

Contact the Admin @Alitechzy on telegram for your PayPal account. 

There are numerous ways to earn points on the current app, ways which inclides:

  • Streaming music 

You get rewarded with points for listening to music and the amount of points to receive depends on how long you stream, so the more you stream the more you earn. Music can also be saved for offline too by simply hitting the rec button while streaming. 

  • Taking surveys 

You can also get paid to give your opinion on the app, they provide a mean let their users take surveys online and get paid for it, this survey provides more points than any other option on the platform, but you’ll be lucky to pass one, depending on your location.

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  • Complete your profile

You also get rewarded with points for completing your profile, update your profile with true informations only and you will be rewarded. 

  • Using the lockscreen 

Sounds weird, right? But it is true, current allows you to claim rewards every 2 hours for using its lockscreen feature.

  • Inviting friends

Just like every other money making platforms, current rewards you for inviting new users to the platform, the reward around 100+ for every new user you invite. 

So what are you waiting for? Get the app now and start earning some cash while streaming. Current music app


  • Get the app from link provided below
  • Sign-up
  • Verify email
  • Start earning, so easy!

The app is available on both play store and apple store, so let everyone enjoy! 

Click below to get the app from play store 

Download link

Alternate link

Click below to get the app from apple store 

Apple store

If you have any questions or want to make any enquiries about the app mentioned above, kindly let us know via the comments section below. Thanks for your time! 

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