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How To Activate Mtn Unlimited Free Call In 2023

Mtn Free Call

In As of yesterday we made a post on how you can get mtn airtime in an unlimited ways we call it unlimited because it can be accumulated as you want, Now we bring to you the latest Mtn free call in these 2023 which you can call with as you like without Recharging a dine or likely you will just recharge only N100 Sounds cool right? Let proceed. 

These is an alternative to the Mtn unlimited airtime cheat if you can’t afford the requirements because it seems you will be able to accumulate the airtime with some huge amount of money that range from 1k upwards you can check how to activate it here if it sound new stuff to you let get to know about our mtn unlimited call cheat or we should call it mtn free call tips. 

We keep searching for loopholes on all network provider in Nigeria and other related countries within Africa just to Grant  you the service of free browsing and free tips to use there premium services, All we just ask for is to stick with us try to support our work so that it can boost our effort of bringing more free stuff to you hope you know what I mean. 

Lets get to know how things workout with the mtn free call cheat by knowing the features of these our mtn free call cheats. 

Features Of Mtn Free Call

  • Call is available in an unlimited way when activated
  • No need to recharge any amount before it will work
  • Available for mostly all mtn subscribers
  • Actually some sims are selected for these cheat
  • It work for most people
  • 100% Tested and trusted. 

Require For Mtn Free Call Cheat

Mtn Sim with the listed Number type below are needed either new or old sim. 

  • 081641 
  • 070630 
  • 081640 
  • 090611 
  • 080640 
  • 081640 
  • 080641

If your Number are like the number that are listed above then you are good to go, Check out below for the next thing to do let go. 

How Can I Activate Mtn Free Call On My Sim? 

  1. After gotten the exact number as stated above in same prefix types.
  2. The Number Should be A new number or you can try it on your old line if it will work for you
    but we suggest to make use of a brand new number that
    was just register and with well registration process.
  3. If you are using a new sim card or number load the line with just N100 card if it old sim skip these step.
  4. Make call with the new number that you just purchase for some minutes.
  5. Now Navigate to your phone setting find the option menu of network in your phone settings depend on the device you are using.
  6. Our target on the setting option is the network operation setting that can be found on mobile network settings.
  7. Then select the option for manually selection and wait for it to load available network to you.
  8. Now go for any network that is on the list except any mtn network that is provide there as shown in the screenshot below.
    Mtn Free Call
  9. An error message might be sent or
    you will receive the error when trying to activate the new network on your phone
    ignore the error message and proceed to the Next step.

Mtn Free Call Activation

  1. Now go back to your phone dial pad and dial a number starting with 999 added with the number you are dialing it might be any number it just to test it if the free call it now activated on your line. 

    Example: 999070666*****  complete it with the 11 digits number and dial.  

    If the call go through that mean your number is now activated with the free call, if the call disconnect or you have some error connection when trying to call the number follow below step
    Note: You don’t need to look panic when trying these you need
    100% patient so that things can workout for you for we have test it before
    we make  post on it (Mtn Free Call) 

  2. In case you receive error in connection when trying to make call with the process stated above just follow the next step below.
  3. Go back to the setting that we direct you to above
    I mean the network operator settings and select another network again
    except mtn network that might be listed there.
  4. Follow the step to make the call again if your call go through then you are good to go.
  5. If it don’t work for you keep following
    same process until it workout for you and also make sure you follow the steps appropriately. 

Enjoy making calls with your mtn network in an unlimited ways. 

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After review we’ve discovered that the cheat still works on some SIMs so you can try your luck and see if you are Eligible

If you have any question regarding these post kindly use the comments box to state it  and wait for instant reply by alitech likewise try to join our telegram channel for more related Latest updates And information 


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