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Mtn 4GB For 500 Naira How To Activate In 2024 Latest Update

Mtn 4GB For 500 Naira How To Activate In 2024 Latest Update

Here is another latest update 2024 affordable or cheap data plan that is now available still for MTN users where you can now get MTN 4GB for 500 and make use of it to browse anything on your device. 

This MTN 4GB for 500 nairas is one of the general social media plan social plans that has been designed for MTN customers but with the help of a VPN, you should be able to power off the data and make use of it to download stream and browse any social media on your device. 

This should also be called Free Browsing 2024 or Free Browsing Cheat in 2024 but it’s not put in that category because it and data plan that involves a subscription you will pay 500 to get the 4GB data

This is why you need to tag it as an MTN affordable data plan 2024 or MTN cheap data plan 2024 respectively. 

So now is the best time to know what you need to get this data activated on your MTN line and start making use of it to download streams and do any other thing on your device. 

Requirements For Mtn 4GB For N500 Latest 2024

  • The first thing you need is to get at least 500 airtime on your MTN line. 
  • Then you will need to download a VPN called Ha Tunnel VPN Plus
  • Download from the Play Store or click here.
  • From there you will need to subscribe to a data plan using the following code *344*1*2*4#.
  • You are to subscribe to the MTN pulse pack. 

Once you get things done then you can now proceed to the next steps on how to activate the data on your MTN line to make it work for you to power up all apps. 

How To Activate Mtn 4G For 500 In 2024

This latest 2024 data plan or 2024 affordable data plan can be activated by using a USSD code. 

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  1. The MTN 4GB for 500 code is *344*1*2*4#.
  2. Proceed to dial the code on your phone dialer. 
  3. But before you do that make sure you have 500 amount of airtime on your line. 
  4. Once you die the code that should prompt you to get mpulse data 500 for 4GB
  5. Activate the data plan on your line. 

After the activation is done then you can now learn how to power off the data plan on your mobile device using the trick that we are going to share with you below. 

How To Power Up The Mtn 4GB Data For N500

  1. At this stage, you should have downloaded the VPN that we stated above called Hatunnel Plus VPN
  2. After it has been downloaded and installed on your device, open it first with a data connection. 
  3. That should automatically load up the tweaks that are available or embedded on the VPN. 
  4. Click on the arrow button that is stated on the main menu of the VPN or as shown in the screenshot below. 
    How To Power Up The Mtn 4GB Data For N500
  5. From the list of tweak, you will need to select MTN Mpulse Pack 2.
    How To Activate Mtn 4G For 500 In 2024
  6. Just select it as you can see on the screenshot above. 
  7. Then turn on the data connection of the MTN SIM that you just run the 4GB for 500 data plan on. 
  8. Now click on Start to connect the VPN which should connect within some seconds. 
  9. Once the connection is done you can now minimize the VPN and start browsing with it. 

After that is done this particular data plan will power up all the apps present on your device and you can keep running the Affordable data plan for 4GB for as low as 500.

In summary 

Just use the code to subscribe to the data plan and get yourself a 4GB plan for 500 naira It is very hard to see this kind of plan in any place even on your banking app or any fintech app. 

Then proceed to get the VPN loaded to your device, select the tweak from the list of the tweak embedded on the VPN, and connect to it to help you power up the data plan. 

Simple as that this should be an alternative for this particular data plan that we must also bring to people, notice Mtn 15GB for 2000.

It’s a kind of data plan that might not be eligible for some people, so if you are not eligible for the data plan, you can just proceed to subscribe to this particular one and keep making use of it to surf the internet. 

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