Google messages beta – “show iPhone reactions as emoji” about to go live on Android


It’s wierld how iPhone users reacts to message on Google messages and it just simply returns as a text to an android user. Google has been working behind the curtain to get this little issue fixed and it just about to come to your android.

Google messages beta – “show iPhone reactions as emoji” about to go live on Android

Google messages beta is the test version of the Google messages app. The Google messages app is an app developed by Google to send text messages between users. Every Android phone that comes with Google pre-installed apps now comes with a Google messages app installed in them.

The Google messages is far more a beta sms app compared to old messaging apps we used to use. With the beta version of Google messages, the beta members gets to explore more features under development before thier official release.

Google message app emoji testing on iPhone

If you’re a beta subscriber of the messages app, you should have gotten some few experience of the features coming to the official Google messages app. Some of the features like starred messages, labels, auto deleting ‘one-time passwords’ messages and more are soon coming to the official message app, so you can watch out for them.

The iPhone is version of Google messages does have the reaction feature. But when conversing with an android user, it is just messed up.

When an iPhone user long press on a message to react to it, an android user only receives the reaction as a new message with the reaction spelled out in words. How funny can that be.

The release for the imessages on android phone is supposed to come as far back as November 2021, but due to some reason, the release was delayed. Now the release is finally coming to android soon.

IPhone emoji reaction on Google message beta

As reported by a source, the Google messages will be updated with a “show iPhone reactions as emoji” feature in the settings as the feature is already appearing on the beta version of Google messages on Android.

Users no longer have to worry about this bias no matter what device they’re using. Since the feature is now appearing on some Google messages beta, it is sure it’ll soon be unveiled for the original version of the messages app.

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