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New WhatsApp Tools: WhatsApp On Android To Get New Photo Editing Tools

New whatsapp tools

Every now and then, WhatsApp keeps on veiling new features, some while ago, beta users of WhatsApp got to explore loads of new features from WhatsApp. WhatsApp users should anticipate a lot of new features in the next update.

New WhatsApp tools

WhatsApp owned by Meta(previously Facebook) has been getting a lot of added features recently. This is to gain even more against telegram; in my own opinion. If you are a beta user, you should have been getting some new features rolling in like the new WhatsApp Web update. WhatsApp has also announced some updates to come in this year which one of them is – allowing Admins to delete messages for everyone. All these features are not yet fully available for WhatsApp users but should be expected in the coming update of WhatsApp. The next release is going to be packed with new features so be sure to stay updated so you’ll know once it is available.

Whatsapp beta now added some new tools to the WhatsApp image editor, originally you can’t do much editing with it other than the basics and only one brush has always been available.

New WhatsApp tools: new features to expect on coming release of WhatsApp

Below are the new features discovered on WhatsApp beta, they’re very much expected to come with the latest release of WhatsApp as the function works well on the beta version.

New brushes

But it has now been spotted that new brushes have been added. You can now choose from three brushes to use on your image, these brushes include: coarse, medium, and fine. You use any of these brushes to edit your photos. They are only available for test purposes on the WhatsApp beta currently. Hopefully, it will be available on the next release of WhatsApp.

Blur image

This is not a new feature on WhatsApp as it has been available on the ios version of WhatsApp for a long time. It is only new for android users of WhatsApp. This feature lets you blur some parts of an image. Using this on WhatsApp lets you save time as android users usually get third-party apps to perform this same function. You can now swiftly do it on WhatsApp. Also, anticipate this feature in the next release of WhatsApp.

whatsapp blurry photos tool

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