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Get Airtel N2000 For N100 – Learn How To Be Eligible For Airtel 20x Bonus

Lately we’ve published some articles and guides on how you can get affordable data and airtime on mtn which people that it’s favours go for it and enjoy it here we come again with airtel. We would love to share with you how you can get airtel N200 for N100 seems to be called Airtel 20x bonus.


The Airtel 20x bonus is something that has been available for quite long which most people enjoy this bonus offer without any stop but it seems to be a selective bonus offer. That is the offer is not available or the eligibility process is not for all airtel customers. 


Now we are here to share your procedures on how to make it available and you should be eligible for the bonus offer. 


How To Get Airtel N2000 For N100 Airtel 20X Bonus

  • This is a bonus offer which entails to follow some steps before you can get. 
  • You will need to dial the following code once you’ve loaded the Airtel 100 on your line. 
  • Dial *241# then you will be provided with the offer to select. 
  • The offer contains different bonus airtime offers from N100 to N1000 respectively. 


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How To Activate Airtel N2000 For N100 Airtel 20x bonus

  1. To activate the airtel 20x bonus of 100 you need to dial the straightforward code. 
  2. *241*100# after you have already load your airtel line with N100.
  3. Then your line won’t be credited with N2000 worth of airtime instantly if you are eligible for the offer. 
  4. Or you dial *241*200# which is an airtel 20x 200 bonus offer. 
  5. The N200 bonus offer is said to be entitled to N4000 airtel 20x bonus. 
  6. Also other 20x bonus offers available there like N300 20x airtime offer give N6000.
  7. And N500 gives N10,000 airtel 20x airtime respectively. 

Get Airtel N2000 For N100 - Learn How To Be Eligible For Airtel 20x Bonus

All this will be available for you if you are eligible for the 20x offer but if you are not once you dial the code you will get an error message that you are not eligible for the plan


To be eligible for the bonus offer then for below procedures. 


How To Be Eligible For Airtel 20x Bonus Offer 2020

It seems airtel do select sim that they provide the 20x bonus offer. 


Which seems to range from new airtel subscribers. But we still find some related ways to make old airtel subscribers be eligible for the bonus offer. 


All you have to do so that you can be eligible for the airtel 20x airtime bonus offer is to leave your Sim. 

I mean you should abandon your airtel sim for upto 15 – 30 days


Then after that insert the sim back your line and dial the code *241# then you will be provided with the airtime bonus offer. 

We mean you should leave the sim for at least 15days without buying airtime or purchasing data on that line you want to get the 20x bonus airtime on. 


After that you will be granted with the bonus offer. Some cases it does not need to be left for 15 days. 


Sometimes might be minimum and you will be loaded with the offer. 


If you still can’t carry out that process, all you just have to do is to buy a new airtel line or sim. 


Then you can stand a chance to enjoy the airtel 20x bonus offer. 


Which you will get airtime N2000 for N100.


Cheap and affordable airtime rate. 


Do you enjoy this airtime offer? 


Let us know your point of view on the comments section and join our telegram channel for updates. 

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