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Planning to Buy An LG OLED TV: Read This First

When it comes to buying an 4K OLED TV you definitely can’t go wrong with some of the models produced by LG. The picture and audio quality is excellent and you can further improve your TV audio by getting the right soundbar for your LG TV.

The TV sets we are going to describe here all work on the excellent LG webOS system. And we have decided not to include TVs smaller than 55 inches. So, let’s see what are the best LG TVs this year.


This OLDE TV provides and exceptional audio and video quality. It is very much like the LG OLED55C9PLA but the sound coming from the TV speakers is much better. If you take into account all the models, we have presented we can say that this one is a perfect choice for everyone. 

This models has more amp power and more speakers and the direction is a bit different. As a result, the audio is even better than in some cheap sound bars. We liked the excellent sound and the sense of realism. However, we wish to see HDR10+ support in the next model and a more natural motion is desired.


If we wanted to describe the LG OLED65B9PLA in a few words we can say that it is an excellent combination of new and old. To be more precise the company has packed an older processor, one from 2018 with an OLED panel from 2019. This makes it quite affordable. 

Although you may think that the processor won’t do the job properly, we can say that it actually does it job quite well. You can easily watch 4K material, the picture is colorful and natural and the contrast is just great.

We liked the good details and vivid color, and of course the very food price.

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The audio is a bit muffled at some points but this can be easily solved with a sound bar or a surround sound system.



This OLED TV is the most affordable on our list and it will definitely provide an excellent picture and audio quality for a 55-inch TV. Although the audio is a bit better in the 65-inch version of this TV, this can be easily improved with an additional soundbar. However, if you simply don’t want to invest in additional equipment, it is better to take a look some other models.

We especially liked the rich and natural colors, but we wish the audio was better. 


The LG OLED65C9PLA is very well designed too. When you compare it with other TVs, it is very thin (the maximum depth is only 4.7cm) and the front speakers are practically invisible which is a huge bonus. 

Thanks to the 2nd generation A9 processor uses AI to optimize the audio and video depending on the room ambience and the content you are currently watching. 

The colors are vibrant, rich and the skin tones are as natural as possible. The audio quality is extremely good as well. 

What we liked about the LG OLED65C9PLA is the nice design, excellent sound, and rich and natural picture quality.

On the other hand, we wish the colors were brighter and the menu to be easier to navigate


You will definitely love this model. It is also known as a gallery model which means it designed to be wall-mounted only. Based on this you won’t get a TV stand with it. Instead you will get a low-profile mount. With the depth of only 2 cm this model will amaze you with the sleek look and design. 

The picture quality is excellent and when you compare this GX model with C models, the sound and design are definitely superior.

If we take the picture into account, we can see that it has been improved when you compare it with the last year model. The color is richer, there are dark details added and the motion handling is better. The invisible speakers do their job perfectly well. 

We liked the performance of this TV as well as the overall design, better motion and dark details.

What we didn’t like is the fact that the TV stand has to be ordered separately if you don’t want to mount the TV.


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