Apple Reject Hey Mail For Its App Store, State Reason

Apple Head office

Apple Reject Hey Mail for its App Store, State Reason. 


Hey mail Just like any other mail app such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and more have been rejected by apple app store. Apple who have state reason in a letter to the creator of hey mail app why the app new bug feature was reject and why it will remove from the store permanently.

According to Tech Crunch, Apple as reject Hey Mail on it app store.
After the romoval lf the app on it app store there have been alot contrlversy for the random decision.

But in letter yesterday sent to Hey Mail creator, where the reason for rejection of the app are been stated.
Part of the reason which were mention, is that the app have cited the guideline,
Guidline 3.1.1
Guideline 3.1.3, as their major reason for the all rejection.

In statement apple top officials also came saying the approval of the app in the first place is a error which put of people in a speccheless mode.

The creator of Hey mail David Heinemeier have called apple out that the reason behind the rejection is because is the outrageuos demand and which will let Apple grab 15% to 30% lf the revenue cut which was rejected by the creator David Heinemeier, according to a source.

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When TechCrunch asked Schiller on whether the rejection is meant to dominate the platform and get a portion of the revenue of every business that had an app no matter  whether that business was an iOS-first. He quickly give is opinion by saying that it’s “not what we’re doin in contrary opinion  to the creator of the app .

The creator also say that apple unfair behavoir of forcing developer to give them part lf their is very bad and needs to change.

With behavior like this ot will be hard for new programmer to be suuccesive or make it big in the programming world and what did you think about about statement that the app should not been approveed or shipped to it app store in first placeplace, and with both party claiming different things.
Recalled app state that it the app have citied is guideline while the creator claim apple want almost 30% of the revenue
What are your thought.

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