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Mtn: 5 Easy ways To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus

Coronavirus with the code Covid-19 have been spreading all over different nation for some months now without dimension, which update have been noted that is now in Nigeria, sounds too bad coronavirus is a deadly virus just like the virus that came around towards 2018 called Ebola that was later bypassed nationwide seems most people now are now familiar with the word  Covid-19 which implies we don’t need to say more about it.. 


Mtn seems to be of help in bringing updates about the virus that will prevent most people from contacting it.
We are going to share the 5 ways which mtn called 5 easy ways to reduce risk of contact with the virus
called coronavirus. 


It was updated on their twitter page some hrs ago which we would also like to put or pick some insight on,
let check it out below. 


5 Easy Ways To Reduce Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus (Covid-19) By Mtn


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  1. First it was stated that you should always wash your hand, always implies hands should be washed often.
    Easy ways To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus
  2. Secondly it was stated that you should cough into your elbow not outside as some people don’t
    close their mouth when they cough.
    Easy ways To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus
  3. Thirdly that you should not touch  your face, implies face you should not touch it as it was shown below.
  4. Fourth stated that you should not stay close to people too much that your feet should stay more than
    3ft apart.
  5. Lastly,  it stated that if you feel sick you should always stay @home or at home.
    Easy ways To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus

Yea with these simple ways you can prevent yourself from contracting the deadly disease called coronavirus,
may God always protect us but we should also protect ourselves. 


It was stated on Twitter that whenever you see something help about the virus Covid 19 that you should
use #Coronavirusupdate so that people and also you can save lives from the post or update you show or post. 

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Let’s try our possible best and share this update to more people. Let’s save ourselves from the deadly
disease called coronavirus. You can share an update below by using the comment box if you have any
insight or update about the virus. 


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