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Every day by day the whole world seems to be bringing new record added to their COVID-19 record, yea that also happens in Nigeria NCDC (health information) always update us with latest how they have to go far with about the virus know as coronavirus which is easily transmission disease, with that most network provider in Nigeria has been finding ways on how they can protect and of help to their customers doing the outbreak of the virus so 9mobile seems to do their own part. 


Recently they just made an announcement on a website and app both for android and iOS users which they can get free access to health information view the app websites and sites only available for 9mobile users. If you are not a 9mobile user you won’t be able to make use of or get access to health information and view the site. 


Recent also we discovered that NCDC also thanks to all network provider in Nigeria for their support in the distribution of the daily Notice and to be cautious about the virus to follow and do things in an appropriate way so that we can save our self from the virus which they always did Mtn which is one of the networks I make use of did but I don’t know for others. 


According To NCDC

While someone later tweeted that Airtel network providers should be excluded from the list,  I actually don’t know why he said such but I know there must be why he said such. 

Mtn, Glo, and 9mobile were also pronounced to be helpers throughout the pandemic may God save us from the virus (Covid-19). 

health information on covid 19

Let’s move back to what brought about this news or likely article. 


According To 9mobile network provider 

It seems you should know what to do and how to access the site by now if you still don’t get it I will break it down for you. 


How to get free access to the health information on 9mobile 


To get free access to the health information on 9mobile to follow below steps or process:


  1. Visit this Mobihealth via this link on your 9mobile line.
  2. Make sure your 9mobile data connection is turned on.
  3. Then access the site to get the Mobihealth app download.
  4. You can download it from the play store or Apple store for iOS users.
  5. After you have downloaded and installed it.
  6. Then you can now get free access to health information and view the app and not the site again. 

Yea we bring you latest on tech-related Content but it’s high time we consider your health too because we want our readers and humble viewers to stay healthy and stay safe away from the noble virus that is out there right now (coronavirus) so you can do by sharing this to other too stay safe,  and stay bless. 



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