Whatsapp, Facebook And Instagram Is Down Recent Day October 04 2021 – See Why

facebook down

The giant social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms that were under the control of Mark Zuckerberg are currently down which might lead to some server issues or related outage that happened on October 4 2021 Monday which is the reason why all this happened has not yet been stated. 

Other related social media platforms like messenger or Facebook messenger are also down, which led WhatsApp to make Twitter one of the popular social media platforms to has a back-up by showing up there to let their users know that they know about the issue there social media platform and they working on to get it fixed. 

According To WhatsApp 

Facebook is down

This type of problem whatsapp is currently facing has comes up before but not long like this recent one which is taking up to an hours or more this outage that is going on, on Facebook and Instagram seems to occur at 5pm Africa time on October 2021 Monday 4 and qe hope it’s got fix earlier that we expected. 

Major users has been on panic mode when the whatapap official page drop a tweet stating hello reply with a panic mod to get there server related issues fixed, by Jack the founder of twitter also put more insight on this. 

Instagram is down

More info will be shared once it’s being gathered about the outage related issues WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are facing for now. 

Whatsapp down

more Info was stated that someone had nuked the dns and AAA domain for Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp which the fellow later put it for sell for premium which might also be what’s lead to this major worldwide outage they might be facing reference below.

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