Simple social Pro Mod Apk Latest Version 10.7.9

Simple social Pro Mod Apk v10.6.3

Simple social, Having a bunch of social media apps installed on your android device can sometimes be an issue sometimes. Memory space getting filled up, battery life deprecated, phone lagging, and lots of other issues. This can easily be solved by using an all-in-one medium to access your social apps. Simple social is that app to look for this purpose. Simple social Pro Mod Apk Latest Version 10.7.9. 

Simple social.

All your top used social apps are combined together in this app to make engagements much easier for you. You can easily switch between these apps, no need to exit one app to access another. The app also consumes less memory and does not stress battery life.Simple social Pro Mod Apk

Features of simple social

Multiple social apps in one.

The top social apps (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) are merged together as one app for more easy usage and less resources consumption.

Download media.

You can easily download media files directly from social media platforms. Videos and images can easily be downloaded with just the click of a button with no extra app installed.Simple social Pro Mod Apk Latest Version 10.6.3

Instant notification.

Get notified instantly from your assigned app. Easily synchronise from the settings to receive messages and notifications immediately.

Dark mode.

Activate the dark mode to protect your eyesight from intense light and also make your app look cool.Simple social Pro Mod Apk Latest Version 10.6.3


Secure your simple social pro app with pin or biometric locks and keep prying eyes away from your data.

Multiple accounts.

You can sign in to multiple accounts for each social app you choose. You don’t have to worry about cloning your app to access multiple accounts.

Requirements for installing simple social Pro App.

  • An Android device of version 
  • Internal storage space of at least 
  • Internet connection.

Download links

To be redirected to the download page click on the link provided below.


App nameSimple social
Download size7MB
Version 10.7.9
App package
TypePro mod apk

Download Now

Download Simple Social 10.7.9

Download Simple Social 10.7.9

Simple Social v10.7.9


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