VPN: Shuttle VPN Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2.0

Shuttle VPN Premium Mod Apk 2.16

VPN: Shuttle VPN Looking for a free vpn service that truly does what it says?. Now you can be rest assured that your privacy is secured and you don’t have to worry about data leak or your isp stalking you. This vpn provides all the privacy you need without the fear of constant disconnection or annoying ads. Shuttle VPN Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2.0

VPN: Shuttle VPN

Online privacy is one of the greatest challenges anyone using the Internet on a daily basis will worry about. Not getting access to a site or not able to watch certain videos from top providers due to geographical restrictions can be very annoying sometimes. These issues can be simply solved by using a Vpn (a virtual private network). This helps to encrypt your data and prevent anyone on the Internet from discovering you or your location, so you can have access to anything online. Shuttle VPN is one of those VPNs to choose from when looking for privacy. No need to subscribe to any plan or worry about a constant disconnection with this vpn app.Shuttle VPN Premium Mod Apk

Features of shuttle VPN.

Super fast and stable connection

With some vpn on the Internet, speed cannot be entirely guaranteed and there are more chances of getting disconnected inexpectedtly which can be a very bad thing, as location can easily be leaked with this little error.

Multiple severs

There are over 20 different free severs to select from, all these servers Hs their connections guaranteed. You can be rest assured that your privacy is well camouflaged with these severs.

Simple interface

With just a single tap you Internet privacy will be fully protected. The app has a very easy to use interface which makes everything quite simple for you to use.

Unblock websites.

If you are geographically locked out of a site, you can easily unblock them with this vpn activated. YouTube, Netflix.. And other websites can easily be reached with this vpn service.

Great for games.

Playing online games under a bad Internet connection can be very stressful. With shuttle VPN, fast Internet connection is assured and you can smoothly play your online games anytime.

Requirements for installing Shuttle VPN.

  • An Android device of version 5.0 and above.
  • Internal storage space of at least 20MB.
  • Internet connection.

Download links 

Click the below link to be directed to the download page.


Additional information

App name VPN: Shuttle VPN
App size14MB
App versionV2.0
Supported deviceAndroid v5.0 +


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Download Shuttle VPN 2.0

Shuttle VPN V2.0


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