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Ntel Unlimited Browsing View Freedom VPN/YourFreedom VPN


Actually these and alternative and also most recommend for does who love high speed browsing cause seems Ntel don’t come with any 3G network Ntel it not compatible with 3G network at all cause the network was modded and also is among the first network in Nigeria that allow 4G on there network, So these unlimited browsing on Ntel view freedom VPN or YourFreedom VPN will be great asin it will be great if we make use of Ntel for the unlimited cheat. 

Some day’s back we brought to Glo unlimited browsing cheat on same YourFreedom VPN app which another was also discovered that does  need any VPN glo unlimited on glo jolific8 plan this is an alternative to that, but seems most people don’t know and don’t make use of Ntel in Nigeria but still if you want to enjoy these cheat you need to get one. 

Actually features, requirements and steps for these cheat is related to that of the glo unlimited on YourFreedom VPN or freedom VPN so we should or if we can still remember the steps, for does that know about the cheat before and if you don’t know kindly check it out here all listed there. 

Requirements For The Ntel Unlimited Cheat 

  • Ntel 4G sim needed.
  • Ntel Browsing cheat configuration file for the unlimited cheat on freedom VPN.
  • Download the Config file here for YourFreedom VPN ntel unlimited browsing.
  • Smartphone need Android devices
  • YourFreedom or Freedom VPN account is Needed
  • Freedom VPN App Get One here
  • Create one from the app or site view here: or get full procedures on how to create the account here
  • N1000 or $2 will be need for premium account
  • Lastly, make sure you have a Ntel network in your area. 

Now we know what we need most which is the best, let get to the next things to take into consideration. 

Things To Put Into Consideration For These Cheat

  • Premium accounts must be gotten before you can enjoy the browsing speed.
  • Ntel network is available for only 4G phones and 4G networks.
  • Can’t work on a 3G device.
  • Ntel network is not available in most areas in Nigeria.
  • Make sure the server is available in your area before you go for the next step.
  • Make sure you have the requirements before you go further on these cheats.
  • Remember to join our channel as we always say. 
  • Support and share us with your friend.
  • We need your full support.

Now let go to the main point which is the activation process.. 

How To Activate Ntel Unlimited Browsing on Freedom VPN 

We will follow the same step as we did for the glo unlimited cheat too let go. 

  1. Open YourFreedom or Freedom VPN app.
  2. On the menu bar click on Configuration menu
    YourFreedom VPN
  3. The scroll down to Back-up/Restore Menu tap.
  4. Select it and click on the load file.
    Glo Unlimited on YourFreedom VPN
  5. Then locate the config file you download from our site.
  6. Import it and go back to the configuration menu tap again.
  7. Click on Account/Information Settings.
  8. Input your account info both the username and password.
  9. Lastly go back and click on connect
    Glo Unlimited on YourFreedom VPN
  10. It will connect within 10s thanks all start browsing unlimitedly. 

Note: it is very good and recommend reading any article you might come through online before you just jump on anything mostly online that is why we made mention of what we are about to say now in these sections. 

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If you find anything difficult may setting up the VPN ( virtual private network)

You can drop it in the comment box below no matter how hard or simple it is

Alitech team we are always ready to help our readers any way we can, because we know that not every one is aware of virtual private network ( VPN)

So this why we want to make you more comfortable why reading on

It’s just to know who follows up well, the premium account you will go for is called Mobile plus you will locate it when you open an account with YourFreedom VPN. 

Incase if you were unable to purchase the plan or the premium plan on freedom VPN site click here for assistant or just to get one straight am at your service Alitech ghat you note that. 

What do you think about these cheats? Let’s know how, view the comments section. 

And pls always drop a comment it sever as appreciate to us and likewise it means a lot to us thanks as you do in addy Alitech regard. 

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