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Mtn Free Data – Get Mtn 4GB And N120 For N100

Mtn 4GB And N120

We just discovered this mtn cheap and the most affordable data plan which is mtn 4GB and N120 for just N100 lol sound strange right, but it’s something like a bug from one of the data plan on mtn which was just discovered and it’s blazing hot on net Right now you can stand a chance to get your now if you find this post. 


This cheap data plan from mtn can be accumulated with just 100 that what you need after you have gotten it you can go ahead and follow the steps below to get your mtn 4GB and 120 airtime which seem to be mtn free data that will call it because mtn will never provide you with such data plan. 


How To Get Mtn 4GB and N120 For 100 Mtn Free Data 


  1. Go to your phone and daily the following code *567#
  2. Select option 2 which is the 100 Data And voice plan and others.
    Mtn free data
  3. Don’t worry about that, go ahead and subscribe to the plan.
  4. Make sure you don’t select auto to renew the plan.
  5. After you have successfully subscribed to the plan.
  6. Then dial the following code to check your data plan *556#.
    Mtn 4GB And Mtn free data
  7. If you are lucky your line is credited with 2GB plus 3GB plus or 4GB plus. It depends. You will find the airtime too attached to the plan.
    Mtn 4GB plus N120

Now let switch to know some things attached to this data plan and the thing we call mtn free data. 


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Things To Note About Mtn 4GB Plus 120 Airtime Mtn Free Data


  • The plan can be accumulated with the same process.
  • The validity of the plan is just for three days.
  • Mtn data plan is said to be 10MB and 12min plan but it turns out to be 4GB plus 120 airtime. 
  • We call it mtn free data because it’s kind of the cheapest data plan so don’t prove us wrong.
  • Follow the same procedures above to accumulate the data plan with your  100 loaded on your mtn sim so that you can get the 4GB data and the airtime. 



This cheat is real and it’s something that has been tested by Alitech and his Team before it’s been published on the platform of the site so don’t take any cheat of free browsing cheat or tips here for full whenever you find it on any of our platforms either social media like Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Alitech posts real stuff and not fake just to gain traffic for itself no we don’t allow such on our site. 


So kindly check back for the latest updates on any of our related post Categories. 


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