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Mtn 5G: How To Buy Mtn 5G Router And Get Free 100GB Data

Mtn 5G

A few days ago MTN made an announcement of their fiftieth generation network which is now launched on their MTN 5G router which brings about this particular article on MTN 5G which way allows you to get free 100 GB data once you carry out certain tasks. 

MTN 5G make the checklist of where the network or the fiftieth generation network will be alive if you’re available in Nigeria people cannot go ahead to purchase the router that is specifically designed for the fiftieth generation before they can go ahead to do that they will need to check where the 5G is available on. 

Mtn 5G Network 

The MTN 5G network is what has been put into consideration since the previous year but now they have made a final launch for the network which is now available for every specific user and for only smartphone devices which are eligible to make use of the fiftieth generation network. In as much to make things easier if you don’t have a network that is making use of the fiftieth generation network then MTN makes it easier for you to get there and see MTN 5G router which will allow you to enjoy some freebies like the 100GB free data from the router. 

So you cannot make use of the MTN 5G network either by making use of it true you’re fiftieth generation network eligible smartphone device or by making use of the fiftieth generation router for mtn but you have to have it at the back of your mind that the fiftieth generation network is now available in your area which you can check from the guide that we are going to be providing below. 

As the name implies the fiftieth generation it’s the fiftieth generation’s mobile network MTN has an internet service provider that has now come ahead with its own version. 

MTN 5G has been tested by some people and it was stated that it can run up to 1000Mb/s which is one of the speeds that you can get from the previous MTN 4G network that can now make your gaming streaming process faster. 

Now we are going to be moving to what brought about the sudoku richest getting the 100GB mtn 5g router data bonus. 

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How to get the MTN 5G router 100GB free data

As we said earlier MTN made mention of my dear MTN 5G router which the pre-order is now currently available so in a nutshell once you get the router purchased you will be given 100GB worth of data. 

You can learn how you can get up pre-order the MTN 50 te so as to enjoy the whooping amount of data of 100GB. 

Just follow up with the step below so as to enjoy or be among the first person that will enjoy the 15th generation mobile network that has just been Unleashed by MTN. 

How to buy MTN 5G Router In My Area

Before you proceed if you have it in the back of your mind that the official sales of the writer is not yet out but you can just pre-order for the router so as to enjoy the fiftieth generation network buy MTN follow the step to get your own pre-order done. 

  1. You have to visit the MTN 5G router page by clicking here
  2. After you get to the page you will need to confirm if your state is eligible to make use of the network. 
  3. States that are eligible for the MTN 5G network will be listed below after the step. 
  4. Go ahead and sell it to any of the states that are eligible to make use of the network for now see you on the 5G router page. 
  5. Select all tabs on the pre-order now button that you find on the next page. 
  6. Now search for the 5G coverage area that is near you. 
  7. The next thing to put into consideration or do is to provide your shipping details which as things name address and email. 
  8. Then you cannot select the type of router in color and quality that you want. 
  9. Once that is done you might be asked for some other info which you will have to provide so as to make your pre-order of the router complete. 
Mtn 5G Router

After every info has been provided by you on the 5G router page then you should be expecting a male or direct call from MTN so as to confirm your order. 

Where Can I Find The MTN 5G Network

When this article was made it was stated that only seven States out of 36 States in Nigeria can make use of the fiftieth generation network for now which will go around the nation once things get balanced some of the states that are mentioned include. 

  • Abuja
  • Ibadan
  • Kano
  • Lagos
  • Maiduguri
  • Owerri
  • Port Harcourt

You can also check the coverage once you are about to make the pre-order for your MTN 5G router. 

Other things to know about the fiftieth generation network Of Mtn

You will get a faster internet speed up to 1000mb/s faster in comparison to the 4G network

Even if you don’t have a smartphone that supports the fiftieth generation network you can go ahead to purchase the MTN 5G router so as to enjoy faster internet speed. 

Connection to thousands of devices without landing or having to slow up the connection between devices won’t be noticed. 

We also get to experience some other features of the network once you start making use of it you can always check back this post or this site for more related posts about MTN 5G. 

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