Mtn Activation Of Unlimited Airtime Cheat For 2022

Mtn Airtime

This trick has been available for quite long, but it seems not to have been revealed due to blockage of cheat or cheat that will  be reported to the ISPs. Nevertheless, we will still have to reveal it to you as we always do,5 and as you all know alitech blog offers you the best out of latest browsing cheats. So we bring to you mtn airtime cheat. 


The MTN Airtime cheat that we are about to reveal to you can be accumulated.
All you have to do is to follow up till the end of this post, so that you can understand clearly and know what to do as well. 


We will be taking it in such a way that you will understand it perfectly. Try as much as possible not to miss any step. Any step missed will prevent the cheat from working. So you are advised to pay full attention to the article.


There are some features to know about this article and other stuffs to put into consideration. There are some requirements for this mtn airtime cheat to work, for any subscriber who wishes to subscribe to the plan. The requirements are clearly stated below:


Requirements For The Mtn Airtime Cheat

  • You must own an MTN Sim card.
  • You must recharge airtime worth  N1000 and above.
  • Websites that exchange Recharge card for Fund.
  • Lastly That’s All.


Features For The Mtn Airtime Cheat 

  • The Airtime Can’t Be used to buy Data.
  • It is useful for those who Stay long mostly on call.
  • The Airtime can be used to browse the internet.
  • You can Accumulate the airtime as much as you want.
  • Recharge card of N1000 or more will be  used of to activate this cheat.
  • It available for mtn users only. 


How toAYour Mtn Unlimited Airtime 


  1. All you have to do is to firstly get an mtn sim card
  2. Migrate to Mtn Beta talk by sending Bt to 131 after successful migration.
  3. Load your line that is Sim with N1000 worth of Airtime which will earn you Bonus of N2500 sounds great right
    mtn Airtime
  4. Now all you have to do now is to make use of your bonus that was Granted to you then find a merchant site online that do turn recharge cards to money online we will reveal some to you on these same article.

    Note: other ways to accumulate the airtime is to load your line with higher amount of like
    N5000 instead of N1000 then follow the next step below 
  1. After you must have gotten the bonus that was granted to you and you have made use of the bonuses, kindly migrate to any other plan on your mtn line so that you can be able to make transfer of the card. Mean recharge card the merchant site that you will sell the card to for fund .
  1. You can migrate to mtn pluse by dialling *406# or
    other related tariff plans before you can be able to make transfer of the airtime via Share and sell.

If you don’t know how to make transfer of airtime you can check here for full guide on how to share or transfer airtime for all network in Nigeria 


List of Merchant Site that you can transfer or sell your fund to are listed below:

  • Rechargetocash And 
  • Aimtoget 


These merchants are the ones that we know and make use of regularly. You can find others online too, but these are the recommended ones for us. Take your time and make your most preferred choice. 

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That’s all that is needed to accumulate your airtime. Start accumulating the airtime now before it gets blocked.
less I forget, you can check your bonus airtime balance by Dialling  *559*43#. Enjoy and try now.
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